Monday, April 3, 2017

Shattered Star - Curse of the Lady's Light - Episode 3 - What do you call a full grown wolf?

The party makes it way to the boggart village.

They pass a house and see eyes looking at them. They encounter a group of boggarts which attack. It's a desperate battle, but the heroes are victorious. The heroes briefly recoup and then investigate the village. The party searches the village looking for "stuff".

They find a Troglodyte suffering from "filth fever". She tells them that she was captured and was to be sacrificed to the boggart god in another cave. The party buffs her so she is more likely to get home safely and then they continue to the cave.

They enter the cave and after a little ways they notice the cavern is worked stone. They encounter a Pyrohydra. They very quickly beat it. Then they return to the Troglodyte village to reset.

The Trogs are impressed that they defeated the boggart god. The party eats "pyrohydra stew" and rests.

The next day the party heads towards "the bug cave" and see carvings of warrior women. The party is about to proceed down a shaft when they are attacked by the statues of the warrior women. While immune to the Scorching Ray (cuz, like, I forgot) they were not immune to Acid Arrows and a lot of damage.

They tie a rope to Trypic and lower him down the dark shaft. We didn't have enough rope to lower him down more than about 20 feet. They conclude they do not have enough rope.

Morrigan notes there is a featherfall effect. Wil immediately jumps in. Jazeem jumps in after. Tryptic and Morrigan are boggled, but eventually jump in. It is VERY deep and they eventually land on the floor of a grand hall made of polish marble.