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The Butcher of Khador

I played a couple rounds of Warmachine on Saturday. I'd picked up the update deck for Khador (to ensure I had recent stats for my army) and decided to give "The Butcher" a try. I have that model kicking around in the hold somewhere, but can locate it. I decided since I have the card, I'd proxy and give him a try.

There is discussion that I may have made a mistake on the rules for him, but I've yet to be cited a page disputing it. Using his feat and spells, I was able to orchestrate my army to neutralize my opponent rather quickly with a MASSIVE amount of damage. He has a feat where for 1 round, I can add a die to my damage for everyone in his control area. Then I cast a spell that doubled his strength. Combine that with a charge and WOW.

The hard part was trying to get my troops set up for the battle. Certain armies I'll do better than others. The drawback to the Butcher is that while he can defend HIMSELF, I can't easily extend that defense to my Warjacks like I can with Vlad and Sorscha.

ANYWAY, he's pretty badass.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Happy Birthday to...

(In no particular order)
Benecio Del Toro - actor
Sunset Thomas - porn star
Falco - Rock me Amedeus
Tony Iommi - Guitar player for Black Sabbath
Justine Bateman - Actress
Francine - Wrestler
Seal - Singer
Smokey Robinson - Singer
Jeff Daniels - Actor
Amy Tan - wrote Joy Luck Club


Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Dungeon and Dragons session - Hellenika Campaign - 'Stick up her ass!?!?!'

The party returned to the port of Lisbona. They did some buying and selling of wares before turning to the issue at hand - rescuing Boxo from the time bubble. We also got horses. (Tesla's War Pony is named "Phil").

The party "jumps".

And are suddenly granted the sensation of slamming into a brick wall. When they open their eyes, they discover that they are surrounded by armed men. They look around to see that there is a "void" around Konoa. The armed men indicate it has a radius of approximately 1000 miles.

After some research we realize that this is a dome. Experiments show that there is some weird differential of some type. The soldiers indicate that they'd sent one in for a few moments who came back aged 50 years older. Tests demonstrate that the time is flowing faster in the bubble than outside.

Kerin rides off and finds a forest which the dome has cleared through.

The party goes to talk to Jubal. The crystal demonstrates that he is "charged" with chronal energy. Much to the party's surprise, he knows what Chronal energy is. He tells the party that the people on the other side of the bubble (including the King). Jubal further tells the party that the "King Fred" had sent him back to wait for them.

Fred told Jubal to "Come on in, the water's fine. He's waiting for you."

"Don't linger in the area of the barrier." Jubal tells of the time when the Chronal sliders came in and created this "barrier". The party decides to head in the next day.

After a good night sleep, the party saddles up and heads in.

The area inside the bubble, the land continues, but there is no sun. The party sees a smaller house with a chimney with smoke. They approach.

Apparently, the party is famous. The people at the outpost quickly pull out a description of the party. "The priestess with the stick up her ass, the girly elf, the girl that looks like she was beaten with an ugly stick, and the smoking hot chick."

Using a teleportation circle, the party transports into a small locked room. Tesla unlocked the door using the wand of knock that his brilliant forethought told him to purchase in Lisbona. The party is greeted by a much dismayed guard who apparently has never seen horses.

Ten minutes later, the guard returns with a couple other people. He takes the party to see the king. The castle contains many interesting wonders like "moving stairs".

The King is indeed Fred, who only seems to have aged about 6 years. In fact, it's been approximately 100 years. The party heads to where Boxo has been imprisoned all this time.

Session ends.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Technical Difficulties

There is nothing like coming home to a system that is No-Post due to HDD controller failure. Yes, I have backups, but I'd still like to get a more recent backup. Things I can definitely say are helpful...
  • Disk Imaging Software (Acronis, Ghost)
  • Knoppix
So this morning, we are clearing off space to put a secondary drive into primary service while the offending HDD is in the freezer in hopes of JUST ONE MORE BOOT.


Friday, February 8, 2008

Guitar Rising

The crew of the Pequod is not know for it's console gaming chops.

I bought a PS2 a while back for Dance Dance Revolution and not much else. Even that ends up being somewhat "meh" after a while. However, there is a NEW game on the horizon that has grabbed my attention. If I knew the console this was for, I'd preemptively buy it.

Guitar Rising...

I've worked at trying to get better at guitar. I enjoyed playing but I always ran into the limitation of the limits of my manual dexterity. I was usually OK at finding the note I wanted...but just some of the manual gyrations were a bit tricky.

Now, admittedly, this game is likely to have some flaws for the person using it as a "springboard". The other half of learning modern guitar is learning ear training and transcription.

That being said, I applaud the makers of this and I am planning on giving it a heavy look when it comes out.

Official site
Gizmodo article about it

Thursday, February 7, 2008

One more song

As bad as all of this will be all right.

Comments are enabled for this post.

However, I am not going to discuss the events of the past 6 days. I'd ask that the talk-backers who are in the know not discuss them either. I'd like to keep my personal life, personal.

P.S. Hear more about this song.

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