Monday, February 20, 2017

Shattered Star - Interlude - 50 Shades of Ambergris

Koriah Azmerin tells the story of whale oil (I forgot to take notes).

The party notes two people in the bar talking. The man (victor has manacles).

Vrin and Victor St. Demain are talking and Victor is talking in a threatening manner. Wil and Jazeem start arguing over money and helping Vrin. Victor pulls a set of manacles and moves toward her. Jazeem steps up to stop him. Wil steps up appraising how much money Victor likely has. Victor identifies himself as an Inquistive. Morrigan notices that 2 patrons have disappeared. 

Victor leaves and chases after Vrin. The party gives chase. Wil and Jazeem each take a hit in their chase. A fight ensues as some of the patrons attack the party. The party subdues the attackers and Morrigan manages to charm one of the attackers. They chat with him and discover that Vrin is a thief. Morrigan lets him go. 

They hear an explosion outside.

The party goes out, and they find the results of a huge explosion. Victor is yelling "Stop that woman!" The party gives chase. They finally manage to catch up to Vrin (who is now appearing as a man). Jazeem grapples him and orders Vrin to change back. Vrin is a changling.

Everyone catches up. 

They take Vrin into custody and with Victor go to House Medani. The party gets a reward and returns to Whale Oil. The meet Koriah and a dwarf (probably with House Kundurak). The dwarf is interested in purchasing Tick. He offers 7000 gold, plus "House Kundurak bank accounts".

Jazeem is very sad and gives Tick a hug. 

The dwarf leaves with Tick. Wil is very obsessed with bling. 

Monday, February 6, 2017

Shattered Star - Shards of Sin - Episode 8 - Sigmund and the Sea Monsters

There are 3 people - human man, human woman, warforged. The heroes lead them out. Lockerby eats the deep gnome corpses. Finster leads them out a different way and they end up coming out a secret door in the grey float district. They return to the guard watchtower with the former captives.
They meet up with Sgt. Cassidy. They answer her questions and give a play-by-play (leaving out details of Lockerby).

Wil, in a fit of cruelty, demands that they sell Tick.

They party returns to the Crow and go find Lockerby. They continue down. The stairway stops at a dark void. They believe it to be a passage to Khyber - the Underdark. They go back and ponder how to block it off. They try the other stair case and continue exploring. They eventually find their way to a small cave. In the cave is a small skeleton. As they go to investigate, a chill blows through. Will observes it's brown mold. They lob an alchemical ice at it to kill it off and go to investigate. There is nothing interesting so they continue.

They encounter a magical darkness which Wil dissipates with a light spell. They continue and encounter more darkness. Morrigan can see. They dispel more darkness and find a room with crates, barrels, and some alchemical equipment.

The party is attacked. Something drops over Wil and Akeela's heads. Weird squid creatures. Two small winged figures also appear. Finally, another derro appears. The battle commences. It doesn't go well. (Like, half of the session was fighting JUST the derro). During the battle, Morrigan casts her scroll of animate dead on the DarkMantle and directs it to attack.

Lockerby eats the derro and the party looks around. They find some vials of a weird alchemical liquid and various gold coins. They also find a lens of detection and a wand of spiritual weapon. Jazeem names the zombie darkmantle "Sigmund".

Lockerby leaves them and they send Sigmund with them.

The next day they continue explore. They find a room with a domed ceiling. In the center is an altar. On the alter is another shard. However, there are two giant spider thingies in the room that attack. They quickly defeat them. They determine the shard is the shard of greed.

Wil picks up the shard. HE WANTS TO BUY STUFF!

They return to the guard post. Cassidy tells them there is a reward for the missing peoples. They return to the Pathway society. They tell Sheila about their misadventures. Wil insists they get paid for the information.

As they are doing business around town, they meet up with Koriah Azmerin (The other pathways person). She takes them into Whale Oil (the place they are staying). She wants to hear about what's going on.

She tells us the story of...