Thursday, November 29, 2007

Painting Status Part 2

As mentioned previously, local Warhammer players are starting up a Warmachine league. I decided to hop on board this one, and give it a go. I decided to start with the Cryx faction since one of their Warcasters is a hottie.

As of yesterday, I finished assembling and base coating the minis from the initial box and now I'm trying to decide how to do them. I'm thinking that I'll use the Faction Box in 10 Days : Cryx method over at BrushTralls as an exercise. I want these figs to really shine, since I've been doing my Space Marines with the "how fast can I get them to the table" method.

I was dismayed that the initial faction box was missing a couple parts for one of my Bonejacks, so in the short term I picked up a Bonejack blister and shot off an email to Privateer Press. Within 8 hours, they responded with an apology and asked for my address so that they could send me replacement parts. Now THAT is customer service! With me, [i]sometimes[/i] making a bad situation right makes more of an impression than always getting it right, because it shows that the company really does care about it's customers.

So far I have the basic Cryx Battlegroup, a couple extra defilers, and Pirate Queen Skarre (after all, she has a "Great Rack" - read the rules for more). How will I expand the group you ask?

  • Pistol Wraith

  • Skarlock Thrall

  • A few more Deathripper

  • A Satyxis Raiders Unit, or two

  • A few big Helljacks

My thought is to do a themed army of big bots and mean women. Cryx allows this and seems to follow the tactics of hitting fast and hard, which is my playstyle in most games (40k, D&D, City of Heroes). If I can blitzkrieg in a game, I'm a happy camper.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Painting Status

Since I've finally settled on an army list, I can work on getting everything painted and ready. This includes flocking the bases and sealing the mini.

So far:

On the Completed "pile", I have

  • 1 Chaplain
  • 10 Veteran Assault Marines
  • 6 Regular Assault Marines

Currently I'm getting together the following models

  • 4 Regular Assault Marines
  • 10 Legion of the Damned Marines - (I use them for Death Company) Just needs touch up and flocking, really.
  • 1 Speeder (Just needs to be brought into my colour scheme)
  • 1 Librarian (painted, but hideous, may strip and redo)

Started (Half-assed paint job so I don't feel guilty about fielding them):

  • 10 Assault Marines
  • 1 Vindicator


  • 1 Baal Predator
  • 1 Speeder

  • 1 Baal Predator - I'm currently using a regular pred as a proxy.
  • Sunday, November 25, 2007

    40000 Things to Remember

    We all know, I'm still a newer Warhammer 40k player, having only started seriously pursuing it in August. When I've asked other players they've indicated that I need to lose a LOT of games before I can expect to become a more dangerous player (on the order of hundreds of games).

    If you are trying to get better at playing Warhammer 40,000, I've found that it is best to scan and reread the rules on a regular basis. The fact is, the rules are SO complex that you cannot get everything the first time (or even second time) reading.

    For example, over the weekend I found a little tidbit that I could kick myself for missing, as it could have meant fewer losses on my part.

    Warhammer 40k Rulebook - Page 31
      Melta Weapons
      Melta weapons are devastating short ranged 'heat rays'. Melta weapons roll an extra D6 when rolling to penetrate vehicles' Armour Value at half range or under. See the Vehicles rules later for more details on armour penetration.

    I use meltaguns a great deal in my army because they are strong and reliable even though they require a close range (12" - 24"). This means my speeders and veteran assault squad are even nastier than I first thought. Now, I wonder if I can shave 5 points off of my list to fit in a second meltagun on my Assault Squad. The extra punch may be worth it. After all, even if I need to use the veteran assault squad as a close combat squad, the meltas automatically wounding upon hitting AND the powerfists in the group certain won't make it lack for anti-personnel power.

    Tuesday, November 20, 2007

    Sealing painted miniatures

    Now that I've decided on colours with which to shade on my figs, I'm finally starting to finish my Stormtrooper Space Marines. However, I've been dismayed that even with 2-3 layers of matte varnish, I could not get a seal that would not scratch. You know how it is, sometimes you are playing, and you drop a fig, or one tips over and slides and whammo - paint needs a touch up. If you prefer pewter, as I do, the problem is even worse. Well, I decided to try something a little stronger so I don't need to keep touching up figs. Perhaps I'm unusually hard on my figs, but still....

    Now, I'm sure that we all know about the "Minwax dip" method of shading painting. While similar, this is not what we are doing.

    It occurred to me that there is polyurethane sealant that does NOT have any type of shading, but is almost completely transparent. As an experiment, I picked up a small can of Minwax Polyurethane Clear Gloss varnish. This is the finish you put on that should not change the colour of what you are finishing.

    I dipped one of my troopers into the goo, shook off the excess and left it for 3 hours. Then I added two coats of GW Matte Varnish.

    What I end up with is a very SOLID finish. The matte sealant kills any glossiness and I have a very tough finish. Furthermore, the shading that I painted is still visible and looks just as good.

    Now, be warned, I've found a minor issue with it. There is the slightest of yellow tints to this. For non-white colours, you likely will not notice this, but I recommend a "sacrifice" to be sure that the army isn't going to be ruined.

    Just thought I'd share.

    Sunday, November 18, 2007

    A Victorious Slaughter

    As most people know, I'm one of the worst Warhammer 40k players in Austin. I'm extremely good at City of Heroes and I'm mediocre at playing World of Warcraft. But for Warhammer 40000, I'm LOUSY. Well, I've been playing it a great deal recently and I think some of my efforts have finally been rewarded. On Saturday, I played against the "Imperial Lancers" (also a Blood Angels variant) run by a buddy of mine, named Chris. I managed to Score a solid victory on him in a friendly cleanse mission. Afterward, I headed to Ethereal Council's homeworld for a 2k pointer against the Tau. While I lost very badly, he gave me a few pointers which helped a bit in my thinking of strategies in future.

    Today, was the Ninja Pirate Tournament. There were an insufficient amount of tables, so I ended up getting what is called a "By" which is when you need to sit out a round. I missed the 2nd round. So, the first round was getting badly pummeled against the Tyranid Hordes commanded by bullymike. We had a great deal of fun (even though I had to remove a tank in round one which I accidentally deployed). I'll let him provide a full accounting of our action, since he will no doubt have a more detailed account than I could provide. I got to put a couple of the things I'd learned from The Ethereal Council into action which didn't help a great deal, but certain permitted me a slightly greater control of the situation than I expected.

    The third round presented me with a situation that flatly STUNNED me. I got a Victorious Slaughter against the Forces of Chaos run by a friend of mine. The game ended in round 3 when I finished destroying the last thing on the table. I killed off all 1497 points of his army, while he killed a grand total of 100 points of mine. Now, to be sure, he is NOT a bad player. He is also a very FUN player and a regular up at Ninja Pirate.

    Another local 40k player has talked a bunch of us Ninja Pirate players into giving Warmachine a shot. I figured, what the hell, and so I'm starting to look into it. I figure I'll play the Cryx as they look rather distinctive, especially Skarre the Pirate Queen.

    Wednesday, November 14, 2007


    If you are reading this then you either know nothing about Warhammer 40,000 OR you know far more than I do. I use the blog as a sounding board for myself and my learning of various gaming things (as you can see in my early posts about the Statesman Task Force in City of Heroes - I was ahead of the curve there, in 40k I'm still behind the curve). I'm going to talk a bit about 40k in such a way that is probably only appealing to me. Its my blog, deal with it.

    Anyway, I've started studying Codex: Eldar so that I have a better idea what to expect when I face them in Warhammer 40k. My initial observations indicate that they will give me fits in combat.

    I play my Space Marines with the Blood Angels Codex. It lets me use a lot of assault marines and lets me get up close - I've found that I like being in close combat in most games I play. Most Eldar seem to have the same or higher initiative than I do on average. Furthermore, their "Weapon Skill (close combat attack to hit) are the same or higher than mine. Their strength is lower though, so they will be more likely to hit, but less likely to hurt. Eldar saves seem to be all over the board, but I know there are a lot of invulnerable saves.

    Ah, the joys of Space Marines...

    For the most part, I try to stick to a static list because its just easier that way. However, if I play in a campaign in the future, I have an idea how I need to focus my forces. While maximizing on shooting would be better, but it doesn't fit "Blood Angels" style of play. Those who know me, I'm much of a "style over substance" type of person. I'm all about making jokes and having fun.

    Now the HARD part will be dealing with Eldar tanks. Any quick scan of 40k boards reveal that Eldar tanks to be built to be almost unkillable. So, I need to develop some tactics to deal with this situation with the troops I have.

    Next - the Chaos Codex.

    Thursday, November 8, 2007

    Dungeon and Dragons session - Hellenika Campaign - Crystal Critter Cadre part 2

    We estimated that we were on the island for 8 hours so far and were heading toward the stone lizards. We agreed that a wand of healing would be useful, but...oh well. We realized we were getting hungry. We ate the rations that Gal had stowed away as we progressed.

    The land turned to sandy dunes and after running across a few animals that had been turned to stone, Tesla sent his owl Amp up to scout. He located a 'large lizard' which the party progressed toward. Gal scored a critical hit, Kerin hit, and the Giant hit. The basilisk died before it could strike back.

    We make camp.

    The next morning we set out for the lightning lizards. We make our way to a hilly area where we believe that one is to be. Gal shifted into cat form to scout and encountered a "huge" blue lizard with many legs. Tesla immediately charmed the creature only to have a second one appear and attempt to eat him. However, even as combat began, the creature placed Tesla on it's back. This allowed it to attempt to eat Kerin. Tanaqu'el plucked Tesla off of the beasts back and steps away. Kerin cast Balor Nimbus on herself, causing her to emit flames from her body which immediately killed.

    The battle having ended, Tesla asked the charmed one for the indigo crystal. It responded "anything for a brethren" and brought it to the group. The group proceeded to the trash leech.

    We find the trash leech's lair; a cave full of smelly garbage. We dispatched it.

    Thursday, November 1, 2007

    Dungeon and Dragons session - Hellenika Campaign - The Enemy Within

    Dinner that night is served. We rest. When the morning rolls around, breakfast is served. The Castellan arrives bringing our equipment. The Castellan transports us to the island (via his crystal) and we start off trying to find the crystal critter cadre.

    We make our way to the mountains on monster island to the area where the giant (a stone giant) seems to live. We barely managed to defeat the giant (Tanaqa'l), with Gal almost dying even though she shapeshifted into giant from. We talked with the giant afterward who seemed to be ambivalent about helping us. Tanaqa'l observes that he'd be willing to help, but he wanted a mate (because it gets lonely) and points out that being freed would be better than having to listen to the Castellan who gives him his "marching orders."

    Thanaqa'l said that he got leftovers from "the Castellan's secret" in the cave. Gal shifted into a panther and stealthily crept into the cavern. Gal discovered a small army of female orcs doing battledrills (who, unlike the Time Lords - are not vegetarian, but carnivorous). In return for the giant's assistance, we offered to help him and Tesla gave him his Lion of Wonderous power.

    We proceeded to where the "Land Shark" lived. With little warning, the shark (Bulette) erupted from the ground. Gal responded by throwing herself (she was in her normal half-orc form) into the Bulette's mouth. As the battle began, Gal shifted into Stone giant size and started attacking (hence the title of this missive). We made short work of the critter.

    We proceeded to where the Ettins were. We found them beating something that was dead. Buff spells were cast, and Tesla gave the crystal cat to Tanaqa'l. This provided a great burst of speed to Tanaqa'l who ran up with the rest of the group to start fighting.

    We defeated the Ettins.

    Session ended.