Monday, March 20, 2017

Shattered Star - Curse of the Lady's Light - Episode 2 - I wasn't there

Yes, I wasn't here - notes provided from Tryptic

War Journal - Lady's Light - Swamp Day 2
  Local landowner (witch? half-orc? female?) accepted offering of sea plants for use of support and maintenance facilities. Provided status of local politics in regard to the lit monument.
  - Area should be considered cursed.  Tried visiting site years back. Advised care when investigating. (cursed?)
  - Hostile tribe A (Froggies, Boggart?) in caves at base of statue.  Aggressive fighting against tribe B. Considered evil, and currently influenced by troop of knights (see Unknown Military Force).  
  - Hostile tribe B (Troggies, Trogglodyte?) in caves slightly farther from statue.  Likely to have alternate paths to enter site.  Likely at disadvantage due to knights supporting tribe A.
  - Unknown military force. Armored knights sent to investigate target site. (Female humans, Led by Orianna)  Met with local landowner earlier, rude and appear to have allied with tribe A to secure access.

Swamp Day 3-13 - Investigation of tribe B.
 - As expected, did not welcome the visit.   Forced to take out ambushers on the trail in.   Upon entry discovered tribe had been heavily damaged.
 - Attacked by leader, executed during defense.
 - Showed compassion on remaining tribe.  Attempted repairs on remainder in hopes of gaining cooperation.  Cooperation initiative succeeded.
 - Spent time attempting to convert hideous jade emblem into something better.  Partially successful, at least it no longer is religious.
 - Learned of further caverns and alliance between knights and tribe A
 - Learned of cavern insects.  Tribe A has repellent.  Must seek out samples.

Caverns Day 14 - Investigation into caves.
 - Encountered insects.  Dangerous, fast, and not too bright.  Suggestion of eating like shrimp was rejected.
 - Encountered worship facility.  Signs of evil and depredation.  Defeated religious representatives present.

-- Now on into the caves..

Monday, March 6, 2017

Shattered Star - Curse of the Lady's Light - Episode 1 - Does the water look hurt?

Jazeem, Morrigan, and Wil are waiting for the Ioun stone.

MEANWHILE, a warforged named Tryptic Mirror. Thrane has become less tolerant of warforged. He's been working with another warforged. Eventually the other warforged (whom Trypic has 'forgotten' the name of) is packing to leave and advises him to 'go to Sharn' and find a specific group: daughter of a fiend, son of the earth, and brother of a wolf. He gives Trypic a pouch with a branding stamp. That night, he looks at the brand, heats it and is driven to BRAND HIS FOREHEAD.

He gets a vision of an armored figure of a headless demonic figure riding a horse. Then he has a vision of an elf putting a helmet on his head. Then he has a vision of a stone statue of an angel with no face. As he returns to consciousness and sees the warforge appears floating above him and implores him to "Go Now".

Trypic flees. He takes a lightning rail out of Thrane. Trypic takes odd jobs to pay his way to Sharn. As he continues he discovers that he is developing some inherent magical abilities. He learns that the brand symbol he has is the mark of Onatar. He still doesn't know what the riddle to find, "daughter of a fiend, son of the earth, and brother of a wolf".

Eventually, he arrives in Sharn. He encounters the crowds. He impresses some locals who offer him a job. Trypic makes his way to the "customs office" and is processed by another warforged named "Stringer". The other warforged is puzzled by Tryptic's answers but gives him some paperwork. Aside from normal processing paperwork advises to meet him in the south railway lounge in 30 minutes.

Tryptic meets Stringer. He ponders Trypic's statement about looking for, "daughter of a fiend, son of the earth, and brother of a wolf". Stringer thinks he may know who Tryptic is looking for. He tells Tryptic about his being abducted by derro. He describes his rescuers (the party). He gives directions to the Pathways society.

Back to the party, They return to the Pathway society to get to Ioun stone. They are ushered into a room full of people (many of whom they have not yet met). Sheila Hidemark is there with her husband. There is also Koria Asmirand and Natalia Venkaskerskinson.

Wil now has the shard with no curse.

Wil sees a vision of "The Lady's Light". It is a monolithic statue off of the coast of the Shadow Marches. It has been around for a long time as it was built by one of the Lords of Dust, Sorshen (embodiment of lust). The Pathways society says they will arrange for passage there.

They are given boxes and inside is a very elaborate compass. They are now members of the society and the compasses are wayfinders.

After that two women approach them. Sabyyra Kalm is a spice merchant, she is hoping that we will broker an agreement with locals for trade. Morrigan takes a folder with information. The second woman who is short and smells of granite and paint; Aveya. She has seen the party rowing back and forth from the Crow. She makes statues of succubi "in flagrante". She offers to buy any interesting statues or artwork. The party agrees.

As they leave they almost run into Tryptic. After purchasing a zone of truth spell, they decide to trust him.

The next day they prepare to leave. They head to their ship, "The Wanton Ways". The trip is uneventful.

They arrive at "The Lady's Cape" where the statue is. They take a rowboat out to it. They start walking toward the "Lady" and find a path that leads to a small island nearby. They cross the bridge in hopes of setting up a camp. They notice a column of smoke from the island. They find totems with skulls on them when they get to the island. They find runes written in Draconic with dire warnings to turn back.

They continue on. They find a shack from where the smoke is coming. There is a stench coming from it. Morrigan knocks. They are approached by a half-orc woman. She tells them she needs Kelpie's hair. A particular seaweed. There is a ship wreck where it grows. The party heads out.

They come across an area with various flotsam scattered about. Jazeem swims out to look for the kelp and is attacked by something in the water (Grey ooze). Jazeem quickly destroys it.

They return with the seaweed.