Saturday, August 20, 2011

Star Wars - Jedi and Mandalorian - Episode 7 - I use my hands

The ship is released back into space. Kailess verifies that the backdoor responds and the ship is sitting there. The Stellar Wave lands back on Excarga to refuel and prep to investigate the base of operations of the pirates. Research indicates that the system the pirates operate from has a great deal of trade traffic: legitimate and illegitimate. The system is named Circumtore.

The party attempts to secure cargo to carry to get picked up so they can track where the cargo goes. Trisha acquires tracer equipment. The Stellar Wave arrives in Circumtor and is put into a parking orbit waiting for a landing bay. While waiting for a landing bay Kailess is notified that the pirate vessel is on it's way.

They deliver the cargo (earning 10k credits per person). Kailess looks at a secure terminal and gets information about the business. The ship leaves the space dock and assumes a parking orbit until the pirate ship arrives. It is given immediate access to docking (which the party is aware of due to Kailess' hacking). He orders some cargo that is being unloaded to be sent to the party.

The Stellar Wave re-docks and receives the shipment (pizza boxes? Really) Kailess, Trysha, and Ossa decide to board the pirate ship. Kailess trivially, effortlessly boards the ship from the outside (rolled a 42 - he needed a 4) and manages to clear the way for Ossa and Trysha to board.

Kailess programs a lockdown and the party heads to the bridge. The trio quickly subdue the three people on the bridge and start to question them. The captain indicates that he is a free agent who carries cargo between systems. Trysha senses his mind has been touched via the force before. Trysha examines the memory shield and determines that it was placed some years ago, tightly woven, and almost imperceptibly. If he is questioned in the correct manner it could be determined that tampering had occurred. A very skillful force user on the level of a Jedi Master likely implanted the memory alteration but with a faint dark side taint.

They undock, meet up with the Stellar Wave and start heading back to Republic space. The group examines the ship for equipment and information. One of the pieces of information unearthed was that a datapad was unloaded and sent to the Malachor system.

The group heads back to Bothuwai. Trysha notifies the Republic forces that they are bringing prisoners.

They land at Bothuwai. Kailess and Slyk stay in orbit on the Stellar Wave. Trysha turns the ship over and reports to the Republic and a Jedi Council representative. Trysha reports her findings. The Council rep contacts the council which Trysha and Kailess overhear his report. He orders that two Jedi investigate the Malachor system.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Star Wars - Jedi and Mandalorian - Episode 6 - "It's an Ambuscade!"

The group questions the Nikto (named Charlie) about the transmission. Kailess 'convinces' him to talk (by cutting off his finger). The Nikto quickly starts speaking at this point and tells them that he was approached about giving leads regarding shipments (2500 per lead). He provides the contact information for his handler. Kailess checks his account to verify the money and where the funds come from. He transfer money out of the account giving himself and Trysha 35000 credits each.

Trysha suggests that she'd rather leave the Nikto on his own volition at Excarga as she doesn't want to simply return him to face Vyri's wrath. She dumps him in the hold, bound at hands and feet.

While in hyperspace, Slyk detects a sensor shadow as they pass through the Molavar system. To flush out the ship tailing them, the ship drops from hyperspace and dodges through the moons in hopes of causing the pursuer dropping from Hyperspace. The pursuer turns out to be a shuttle with guns. Furthermore, another ship is in front armed.

Kailess attempts to plot a course allowing them to slingshot around the nearby planet to allow them to escape. The two shuttles come in on a vector toward the ship. Slyk takes the coordinates and successfully slingshots the ship around the planet. as they escape the gravity field, they jump to hyperspace.

The ship enters the Excarga system. Kailess's computer search returns information indicated about 6 different ships registered have profiles matching the shuttles who attacked. Three of the shuttles have been noted in this part of the galaxy.

Slyk checks rumors regarding the area: he determines that many of the people who have lost cargo don't remember, that where to land, and that there is a Sabacc game tonight.

Kailess and Trysha head to the port authority and request information. A Twi'lek is working the terminal with a Gamorrean security guard. Trysha asks about the ships brought up. The cargo manifests indicate cargo, but the holds were empty. Before that several ships showed up, with no cargo and empty manifests but had been reported to be hauling cargo. Kailess asks about the shuttles. The port authority contact says that none of those ships had landed at this port. He says we could indicate the other two ports on the planet.

Meanwhile, Slyk goes to the bar where the game is taking place and is shown to the table after paying his entry fee by the Ithorian who owns the establishment. He notes some oddities in the playing.

Kailess and Trysha head to the bars to get information. Trysha turns up nothing (I rolled two ones on 2d6). Kailess notes a group of pilots. Trysha buys them a round of drinks and asks one of the pilots about his last cargo run where he'd lost cargo. Trysha and Kailess head to docking bay 64. Investigation reveals that the ship couldn't travel as fast as the ship's logs indicate. They theorize a larger ship carried the freighter.

They return to the ship and Kailess preps to be outside the ship in case they are attacked in space. Slyk wins the Sabacc game.

They set up to pretend to arrive at the planet as they arrived a day early. Kailess attaches himself to the outside of the ship. While in space, the ship is caught in a tractor beam and brought aboard a cloaked ship.

The ship is brought abord and gas is injected. Trysha enters a Jedi hibernation trans and Slyk runs to the water tanks. Kailess enters the ship and thinks to Trysha what is going on. A number of aliens enter the ship and check the hold. Trysha thinks to Kailess to hack the system and gather as much information as possible.

The "pirates" find the "unconscious" Trysha. The pirates find Ossa, but Trysha telepathically suggests to the Quarren leader that the two of them were all that there were. The pirates unload the ship.

Kailess downloads all information and enters a back door into the software.

Other pirates board and the Quarran leader tells them to erase evidence. Trysha passes the telepathic suggestion that they've already completed the job and they leave and release the ship.