Monday, May 14, 2018

Shattered Star - Beyond the Doomsday Door - GotoMeeting with Kandamereus

The party is on its way deeper to Windsong Abbey having just fought off a bunch of shadows. They leave the ossuary and continue down the hallway when suddenly a bunch of spikes shoot out at the party. Jazeem and Akeela manage to dodge out of the way and avoid being hurt. The rest of the party is hit with the stone spikes. Morrigan and Tryptic realise the trap is magical in nature but don't know how to avoid it in future.

The party heals up and tries to figure out the next move. They look around the room and realise is a large crypt with 6 stone sarcophagi. They all the symbol of Yamasoth. Jazeem opens the lid of one of them revealing dust. None of the remaining sarcophagi have anything in them.

The party continues into another chamber. The walls are decorated with luminous designs that create a lattice of spirals, with symbols of moons and tiny skulls decorating the ceiling. One set of designs on the face of the room’s central pillar is larger than the others, and seems to be a line of runes.  Morrigan examines the runes (which are written in Abyssal), "Present a key to the end times and utter the invocation favoring the dead and be counted as acolytes of the harbinger of last days."

Suddenly, the walls flash with a cold blue light and a wave of energy passes over the party sending a cold shiver up their spines.  Small spheres of light appear over the heads of each of the party and they are attacked. Morrigan identifies them as a type of will-o-wisp that have been corrupted by Qlippoth powers. They slash out with cold damage. The party manages to defeat them despite the fact they are resistant to Morrigan's magic attacks.

The party continues deeper and comes into another room with 4 sarcophagi. They open a sarcophagus and a mummy is inside. It moves and attacks. At that moment, the other 3 open with mummies coming out to attack. The party starts to fight. As the battle rages, other mummies enter the room from the hallway and join the battle. The party handily defeats them (with help from Morrigan's fireball spells).

The party heals and comes into another room.  A single sarcophagus sits near the middle of the west wall, its side decorated by the symbol of Yamasoth. A set of double doors stands to the southwest, each bearing a skull-shaped lock.  A humanoid figure is in the in room and looking at them. He speaks to them and asks what happened in the intervening years. Morrigan answers truthfully.

He says his name is Kandamereus and agrees to help stop Ardathanatus.

The party goes to the doomsday door and attempt to open it. They fight two stone golems flanking the door.

They party suspects Ardathanatus is in the next room. Morrigan realises they are low on power and are about to have their asses handed to them.

Monday, May 7, 2018

Shattered Star - Beyond the Doomsday Door - I don't like funions

The party continues and comes across an intersection. They go to the left and find another shut stone door. They enter the room and find a lounge contains a cushioned wooden bench, wall-mounted glass cabinets, a round table with wooden chairs, and a large bulky chest. There is a table with a naked man strapped to it. The room contains two of, what appear to be, chain devils.

Wil and Akeela attack, but Akeela is unable to trip them.

However, Morrigan notices that there is something odd about these beings. She deduces that they are actually animate dreams. The battle is joined by the rest of the party.  After a hard fought battle with some close calls, they manage to defeat them.

The man they rescue (who is not evil) is completely oblivious to what is going on having had his wisdom drained. They take him back to the lighthouse. Where Casamir restores him. The man is a cleric of Aureon named Gein. He reveals that Ardathanatus had forced him to create strength potions for them. When he was out of ingredients, they tortured him. Unfortunately, Gein doesn't know how close Ardathanatus is to the Doomsday Door.

Morrigan realises that some of the equipment back in the torture chamber that could be used to create an alchemical golem.

Gein describes the area and indicates what to expect in the underground abbey.

The party returns to the underground complex. They look through the room where they found Gein. Morrigan finds some spellbooks! They also locate Gein's equipment and holy symbols.

The party goes deeper.

They enter a room decorated with frescoes showing images of the space beyond the sky, an expanse populated by stylised suns, constellations, and planets.  They find another doomsday lock. Halfway through entering the unlock pattern, another sonic blast fires off. However, they are able to make it through.

In the next room, the party is attacked by shadows. The heroes manage to defeat them.

They continue exploring.

Monday, April 23, 2018

Shattered Star - Beyond the Doomsday Door - I'M A CHICKEN, MARGE!

A crablike creature scuttles toward them on six stumpy legs, and wielding a scimitar appears, slashing at Wil. Jazeem and Wil move to attack as Akeela attempts, unsuccessfully to trip. Tryptic swings his hammer and attempt to flank but misses.  Morrigan recognizes it as a gongorinan and blasts it with a scorching ray which doesn’t do quite as much damage as she hoped. Koriah swings her sword at it and connects for massive damage.

The battle rages on but after many confusion effects, the party manages to take the Qlippoth down.

he party continues and enters what seems to have been an apothecarium. The party looks through the room and locates some valuable components such as gemstone dust, bits of gold, and some tools. They also find a philosopher's stone.

The party continues and walked down starts into a room that is partially covered with decorative slabs of pale green marble carved with intricate reliefs depicting a tangled forest populated by all sorts of beasts. They find a doomsday lock and try to pass through the door. However, they are immediately hit with deafening blast and shockwave of force. Tryptic is permanently deafened and almost killed. Morrigan casts a repair on him to bring him back.

They look through the portal and see a cliffside ocean which vanishes showing only the stone wall. Morrigan studies it and realizes it is a malfunctioning portal. They move on to the next room and are attacked by two more gongorinans.

A battle ensues. During the battle, Jazeem is TURNED INTO A CHICKEN and Wil is taken down. Tryptic and Morrigan push themselves to the limit with Morrigan casting mending as necessary to keep him up. They do manage to destroy the qlippoths. The party returns to the Lighthouse.

The party reverses the baleful polymorph on Jazeem (who thankfully doesn’t think he’s a chicken) and then returns to the underground and come across and underwater sea cave with a chest and several piles of gold. There they meet a group (6) sea drakes.

The drakes demand a tribute from them. Wil antagonizes them into a fight which the party barely manages to survive.

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Shattered Star - Beyond the Doomsday Door - This is why we can't have nice things

The odor of alcohol permeated the huge room. Several crates, barrels, kegs, and racks for wine filled the room—many of which had been opened, emptied, upturned, and shattered. The party looked around the room and tried to speculate as to what happened.  

Suddenly, arrows shot out from nowhere, hitting Koriah and Tryptic. Around the room, five beings with dead grey skin and dull white eyes appeared wielding bows. Morrigan looked at one and immediately recognized these foul creatures as “skulks”. The beings surrounded them and prepared to press their attack. 

With a gesture and a whisper of draconic words, she cast scorching ray at the nearest skulk. Beams of burning light shot from her hands, burning its skin. Tryptic drew his warhammer and charged the skulk. The hammer connected with the skulk in the chest. Meanwhile, Koriah moved towards a couple of skulks. She deftly whipped her aklys around their ankles, causing them to fall prone. Seeing this, Jazeem leaped toward the two on the ground and pummeled them mercilessly. Finally, Wil and Akeela moved toward two others. Akeela grabbed the legs of one and tripped it as Will swung his axe, cutting into the skulk. 

In a defensive move, the skulks vanished. The sharp thud of an arrow near Morrigan alerted her to the presence of another skulk that entered the room. A few whisper words later another scorching ray shot from her fingertips into the skulk just as Tryptic charged. The steel of his hammer connected with the skulk. The sound of ticking became clear as a large Clockwork golem lumbered into the room. The golem raised its heavy arm and bashed Morrigan over her head. Koriah gasped and moved in to start hitting the golem with her icy sword followed by Jazeem. On the other side of the room, Wil and Akeela managed to scent out the skulks and proceeded to attack, killing one. 

Skulks again knocked their arrows and struck Wil and Tryptic. Realising the seriousness of the situation, Morrigan cast haste on the party and shrouded herself in shadows. Tryptic bashed the skulk and prepared to turn on the clockwork golem. Jazeem and Koriah continued to keep the golem occupied with each cut of Koriah’s sword filling with frost. Wil and Akeela killed another skulk and struck at the final skulk who tried to flee. 

Morrigan focused and summoned an ice storm to box the skulks in. Tryptic moved in to attack the clockwork golem with Jazeem and Koriah. The golem grabbed Jazeem in its vice-like grip and smashed his other fist against Tryptics chest. Koriah continued slashing the golem with her sword as Jazeem continues punching.  Wil and Akeela moved in to continue hitting the last camouflaged skulk. Akeela trips it and Wil gashes it with his axe. 

Morrigan cast glitterdust in the remaining area of the room, but no skulks in were in the area. Tryptic hit the golem again with his blessed warhammer sending the golems head flying.  The golem explodes. Tryptic, Jazeem, and Koriah were all caught in the blast. The explosion killed Tryptic. Will and Akeela easily finish off the skulk they are fighting. 

The party assessed their situation knowing that while Casamir could indeed raise Tryptic, he didn’t have enough diamond dust with which to perform the ritual. Wil flew to the city of Fairhaven, Aundair in hopes of acquiring the necessary materials to resurrect Tryptic and purchase a teleport scroll for Morrigan so she had access to the spell. 


Tryptic finds himself in line in the world of the dead. 

A black-robed skeleton with blue flames in the eye sockets appears before Tryptic.  


Next, the person in line in front of Tryptic turns around. It is his warforged friend he cannot remember the name of.  

“Oh Tryptic. We need to have another talk, really. It was a good fight I’ll give you that. We need to figure out how to boost your defenses a bit, because we can’t keep doing this. If you get back to Sharn, seek out the Warforged in ‘down below’ – the lowest rungs of Sharn. He won’t be hard to find.” 


The party returned to the lighthouse where Casamir had taken up residence. They go through the items the skulks had: several +1 composite short bows, steel unholy symbol which the party realizes is Yamasoth – the clippoth lord, and arrows made of ghost iron. 

Jazeem and Morrigan saw a group of kobolds, led by a kobold named Bic, who entered the abbey to investigate the area looking for salvage. Jazeem and Morrigan advised them to leave after which Morrigan gave them 45 gold. 

Wil returned from Aundair with the items he purchased. Casamir raised Tryptic and the group rested. 

The next day, the party returned to the beer/wine cellar and continue exploring. They found an attached brewery in the hall the golem came from, but nothing else of interest in that area.  Further exploration of the passages revealed a room with running water. In the center was a 20 foot cistern full of water.  

The next room the party entered was decorated with paintings.  The paintings depicted life-sized clerics with painted musical notes to indicate they are singing. As the party examined the paintings more closely, Wil realized that some of the clerics on the paintings don’t have musical notes coming from them. These 'clerics' revealed themselves to be skulks which raised their bows and fired at the heroes. 

The arrows flew out and hit Wil but missed everyone else. The party divided up and under the effect of a haste spell from Morrigan, started fighting. The party  makes short work of the skulks (like 2 rounds). 

The party examines the rest of the room and found another metal door with a doomsday lock on it. Wil opened the lock allowing the party to pass through. 

The next room smelled stale and contained an alcove with a faint flickering light. Wil examined the floor realising there had been a great deal of traffic through the room and down the stairs.  The party proceeded further down the stairs that ended in a room painted with frescos. The frescos depict a line of people queued up to talk to a blind old man. WIl and Morrigan realised that it is a depiction of one of the nameless priests of Yamasoth. Writings depicting words were shown coming from his mouth. "The passing of the last [untranslatable] at the dawn of an age of lost omens." 

The party continued and soon encountered another lock. They realised they are in an area protected by locks. Passing through, they found a room painted to depict the inside of a cathedral such that if you stand in the center it looked like you were in the center of a cathedral. A blast of magical energy washed over the party giving them a momentary feeling of depression and sadness but they suffered no ill effects. 

At this point, they encountered a horrific creature of some type. 

Saturday, March 31, 2018

Shattered Star - Beyond the Doomsday Door - Everybody must get Stoned!

Playing via FaceTime! Couldn't get as much detail as I'd like as poor sound quality due to electrical noise.

Akeela jumps in and attacks and trips the giant and Will moves in and hits the redcap. Tryptic moves in and attacks the redcap as well. M贸rr铆gan attempts to use Dominate Person on the redcap (I wonder why it failed 馃槕). The battle continues with the hill giant quickly being defeated. The redcap carves a swath of destruction but is defeated shortly.

The party looks around the room and sees the statue of Koriah. 

As the party looks around with M贸rr铆gan standing just outside of the room a wave of magic passes over everyone in the room as a MEDUSA appears.

M贸rr铆gan immediately averts her gaze but not before seeing Jazeem, Wil, and Akeela turn to stone. The Medusa quickly beats Tryptic into submission forcing M贸rr铆gan to flee back to the lighthouse where Casamir awaits.

M贸rr铆gan gets just enough XP to level giving her access to a few higher level spells

She rests and works a plan of attack to save her friends. The next morning she prepares her spells (including echolocation), turns invisible, and returns to try to take down the Medusa.

The battle commenced with M贸rr铆gan casting Hold Person and Ice Storm. While she managed to start whittling her down, the Medusa casts some healing spells on herself (ugh, she's a cleric). The battle went down until M贸rr铆gan was almost out of magic finishing the Medusa with her Arcanist acid jet ability.

She breaks enchantments on the party and heals Tryptic using her mending cantrip. They return to Casamir. They rest. Koriah tells the story about fighting her way in and being attacked by the Medusa. She produces the Doomsday key.

The party returns to attempt to get past the doomsday door. They are hit with a variation of the maze spell. They were removed from conventional reality and had to succeed at an intelligence check to get through. The party manages to eventually succeed after almost succumbing to ability damage.

M贸rr铆gan figures out that a combination is required to bypass the lock.

They return to Casamir for restorations.

They return to the lock and Wil attempts the combination that was on the bookmark.

The door opens and leads to a steep stairway going down to a pair of double doors.

They push the doors open into a room with broken wine casks.

Shattered Star - Beyond the Doomsday Door - Stone to Wall spell

Casamir raises Wil from the dead and allows the party to rest as he continues to tell them story of what has been going on and explaining the lay of the Abbey.

As previously mentioned, Casamir's daughter Koriah had been turned to stone by Ardathanatus and his followers who are members of the Cults of the Dragon's below. Casamir tells them that it appears she is in across the covered bridge in the cliff-side tower that overlooks the ocean.

Casamir further tells them that he believes Ardathanatus passed through the Doomsday door, but it has relocked. Unless the party can locate the key - they likely cannot follow. However, it is possible that if they find his daughter first, she could hopefully assist.

Casamir says the way to get to the cliff-side tower is back through the dining room where the party killed many of the giants. There is a pair of guardrooms and then a grand staircase that leads to the tower proper. From there, there is a walk way across into the cliff-side tower. To get to the lower part of the abbey, the party most pass the doomsday lock which leads to the stairs that go down. Casamir reiterates that he doesn't know where the key to that lock is. He explains that the clerics of the abbey always used hidden trapdoors to go into those parts and left the lock alone. Casamir doesn't know what state they are in as Ardathanatus knew about them and may have done something.

The party decides to attempt to bring the statue to Casamir in hopes of him breaking the stone enchantment. Casamir says the tower has a couple studies the great meeting room where the clerics of the abbey were.  Before the party leaves, Casamir says, "When you do eventually go to the lower parts of the abbey, a couple floors down you will find the chapel to the wind song. That is where the blowing wind enters to make the song. If the other clerics and Ardathanatus haven't found it, there is a hidden stash of equipment in a secret panel behind the altar there."

The party leaves Casamir in the lighthouse and heads to the tower. They make their way to the guardrooms at the base of the tower. Sure enough, there is a stairwell to the upper floor. Draped over the bannister is a circlet with an extravagant headdress. Will attempts to inspect the headdress and accidentally activates a pit trap. However, thanks to a long lasting "overland flight" spell, he doesn't fall. The party realises that this is one of the trap doors Casamir indicated. However, the doorway at the bottom is blocked via bricks.

Will picks up the headdress revealing a glyph on the bannister. The glyph explodes in a sonic blast causing a damaging shockwave. When the party recovers, inspection reveals the headdress is a headband of mental prowess +4 to wisdom and charisma!

Tryptic takes the headband.

The party continues up the stairs. They go into a circular room with windows looking out over the sea. There is a door next to the stairway. Another door leading further into the tower. Three chairs that are facing the windows - nice spot to sit and meditate. The windows have been smashed.

The party goes through the next door and enters a rectangular room that is almost completely lined in wood. There is a round table and a single cushy chair. There are several stools sitting next to a large fireplace. Two tall bookcases flanking a window with flowery stained-glass designs.

Tryptic examines the window - it's well crafted.

Morrigan looks at the books. The books are unusual. They are poetry and litanies. They are written in Aklo and Abyssal. They are grim and blasphemous and worth 400 gold. If you reference them making knowledge planes/religion +2 circumstance bonus. One has an unusual bookmark with a verse written on it.
The verse on the bookmark

The party debates if this is a route through the maze or some sort of combination before moving onward.

They find themselves in what appears to be the NW corner of the tower.  The room has high back leather chair overlooking the ocean Tryptic notes stains on the chair and concludes they have pets.

Party continues into the "tower proper". They pass through a door that opens into a huge room open central chamber surrounded by an ambulatory creating an inner room with 5-foot arches lead to the centre. The centre has a 20 feet ceiling vaulted supported by wooden timbers. There are 18 ornate wooden chairs - each has a holy symbol of a deity.

The party is met by a band of redcaps, mummies, and some sort of zombie bugbear who quaffs a potion and orders them to attack.

A desperate battle follows which the heroes barely survive.

Afterwards, the party examines the room and the chairs with holy symbols and finds evidence that someone was decapitated, but nothing else beyond the gear the monsters had.

The party continues exploring and come to an enclosed bridge that leads to the next tower. The walls are decorated with stained glass of beautiful landscapes.

At the end of the hall are a couple of Vrocks who attack. They summon another Vrock. However, the Vrocks prove no match for the party who make very short work of them.

The room beyond is finely tiled with ceramic and glass and has a pleasant floral aroma. A large stone circular bath arises from the floor.

Standing there is a grinning redcap and a hill giant.

Monday, February 19, 2018

Shattered Star - Beyond the Doomsday Door - Will isn't grateful about death

Note: being in a rock band has it's advantages. I recorded the episode and summarised it at my leisure. Hence, these will be more coherent and consistent from now on.

Our heroes were just inside of Windsong Abbey planning what to do next. They heard the sound of giant boots stomping around outside and cries of an intruder alert being shouted. Will realised they were coming towards them. They braced themselves for the onslaught.

"HEY! YOU COME OUT SO WE CAN SMASH YOU!" yelled one of the hill giants.
Wil retorted, "Come in so we can smash you!"

The giants and ettins, however, did not fall for the ruse. The party heard sounds of piping followed by arguments.

Morrigan activated her Shard's major image power to attempt to lure them in, but failed. As a result, the party finally realised they needed to step out and face TWO HILL GIANTS!

Morrigan led off with Dominate on one of the hill giants and ordered him to attack the other.  Jazeem immediately jumped into combat with the other. Suddenly, the door behind them exploded open and they were attacked by 2 ettins.

Jazeem, Will, and the dominated hill giant carved a swath of destruction.

Suddenly, Jazeem fell over laughing hysterically. Will quickly realised that hideous laughter had been cast to subdue Jazeem. Morrigan cast See Invisibility and observed a redcap had joined. However, upon realising it was seen, it fled.

Shortly into the battle, a multi-tentacled being appeared and cast acid fog. Morrigan managed to dispel the fog after a couple of attempted dispels.

Tryptic managed to keep Jazeem in combat with his healing ability.

Will and Akeela used scent to give chase. While Jazeem, Morrigan, and Tryptic Mirror dealt with the giants and ettins, Will and Akeela followed the trail and ran into a large pack of redcaps who gleefully killed Will. When the three remaining adventurers arrived, they vengefully killed the vile fae.

As they decided what to do next, Morrigan hears a voice in her mind, "I assume you are the ones that caused all of the commotion last night, may I assume you intend no harm to Windsong Abby?"

Morrigan responded that this was true. The voice invited them to the lighthouse and told her to bring Wil's body. They were greeted by a cleric of Olladra who introduced himself as Casamir Azmeren. Realising his name is familiar, Jazeem realised that he was related to Koriah Azmeren. Casamir confirms he is her father.

Casamir revealed the following information...

About a century ago, there was a full compliment of clerics here. Ardathanatus was a cleric of  the Keeper and asserted he was not necessarily evil. However, something happened to him and he murdered one of the other clerics and left the Abbey. A few weeks ago, he returned with giants, redcaps, skulks, and other horrible beings. He killed all of the other clerics either in the Abbey or the "chambers below". They attempted to fight back, but Ardathanatus' forces were too strong. Casamir took refuge in the lighthouse and cast a sending spell to his daughter asking for help. However, she was overwhelmed when she arrived. Casamir explains that Koriah had been turned to stone by one of Ardathanatus' 'generals'.

Finally, Ardathanatus' forces took the Koriah statue to the cliffside tower and then into the chambers below. Casamir confirmed that Ardathanatus was carrying something that looked like the shard but didn't know if that was indeed what he had.

Interesting things happened to Will in the afterlife before Casamir raises him. (I think Will made a mockery of the experience, personally).

Casamir further explained that below the Abbey is "The Doomsday Door". Before the Abbey was built, this was a temple to the Cults of Dragon's Below. In particular, it was for a lord named Yamasoth. Casamar thinks that Ardathanatus wants to open the door and free Yamasoth and that he'd kidnapped the Masked Abbess - the cleric in charge of the Abbey as she had the key.

The party vowed to help.

Before they decided to rest, Morrigan ordered the dominated hill giant to go home.

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Monday, October 9, 2017

Shattered Star - The Asylum Stone - Episode ? - I missed a bunch of logging

A lot happened since the previous post, but I'm going to resume note taking.

Usual disclaimer - notes are taken during session.

Taking the adventurer and her husband's body out of the cave. The party looks for a swarm bane item of some type. We got swarm bane thingy.

The party continues through the caverns and encounters 2 gibbering mouthers and a brain ooze. They quickly defeat the creatures. They find a crossbow that is magic, but they can't decipher what it is. They do find some human bane bolts.

The party goes to the next door they find Lounim, but Morrigan casts charm on him and the battle doesn't occur.

They enter a room where they can see the night sky but there are vines that attacks. They make quick work of the critter.

They head to the next room with a creature named hummelgau. The water almost drowns them, but they manage to free him.

They find a door with the Sihedron on it and the dark naga in front of it. It does not attack as it was not effected by the symbol of insanity. They can't open the door, so they leave the naga and keep looking.

The next room they enter is very bright. They fight Lurkers in Light and quickly defeat them partially thanks to Morrigan casting darkness on a coin and tossing it into the room.

They return to the portal and after a lot of work they figure out how to get past it.

They get past the portal. The Naga is about to attack, when Morrigan casts charm.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Shattered Star - Curse of the Lady's Light - Episode 8 - The pirate, snake, undead adventure path

Jazeem appears in a room with polished walls. Tryptic appears in a room with polished walls. He tries to escape. Morrigan appears in the same type of room. The separate rooms link to a large adjoining room. A grey maiden comes out and attacks. They subdue her and then talk to her. She tells them they are stranded in this room unless they trigger a portal to Sorcian.

She tells the story of how Sorcian ensorelled her allies. She herself had been before breaking free. Her name is Oreana. They decide to face her.

They trigger the portal and follow the portal to Sorcian's room. A battle ensues between the party, Sorcian, and three sinspawn. Long battle.....

The illusion on Sorcian drops and reveals that she is actually an Alu demon. 

They find 2 amber coins which they conclude can be used to activate another portal. They activate the portal and appear elsewhere. 

They appear in another room which is dark and dirty. The room has the shard. Tryptic picks it up.

The party exits the Lady's light.

They talk to the Troglodytes about selling herbs to set up spice trade.

They party heads back down the trail and find the guy behind the portcullus. He indicates that he has summoned a boat. They take a Brelish galleon. 

Monday, June 12, 2017

Shattered Star - Curse of the Lady's Light - Episode 7 - I Just Met a Girl Named Covfefe

We are in a bathing chamber. We look into the next room which is a large marble/gold-plated hallway. There are statues of Sorchian. The statues are magic. The statue has it's hand out and a carving saying "By My touch, enter my inner sanctum".

The party detects strong conjuration magic and attempts to trigger the the device. The party triggers the transporter and Morrigan appears in a room strongly smelling of perfume. Several perfume bottles on pink pedestals. Morrigan sees a dark corridor. She peeks around the corner.

Jazeem and Trypic manage to transport themselves leaving Wil behind.

Jazeem appears behind Morrigan.

Tryptic appears in another room. Surrounded by SINSPAWN!

Jazeem and Morrigan go down the hallway looking.

Tryptic is being attacked, he runs away.

Jazeem and Morrigan find their way back to the room where Wil is before he can trigger the transporter. Jazeem stands on the panel and Morrigan jumps into his arms.

They arrive in the room and hear sounds of battle. They follow. They manage to catchup and defeat them.

They return to the carpeted room. They continue. Eventually, they come upon a party being attended by demonic beings. Morrigan puts her hood down and walks in and demands wine. After interacting with them demons she concludes it's an illusion.

However, the party is attacked by giant spiders. A few moments into the fight, they realize that they are fighting monsters which are being summoned. Morrigan looks up and sees an invisible red-skinned demon caster. The party manages to defeat her.

Party continues exploring and encounters a group of Grey Maidens at the base of a tower. Battle ensues. Grey Maidens are defeated. The party starts walking up stairs up the tower. They find statues of the Lords of Dust; embrace sorchian and karzoug; and teleport away.