Monday, April 3, 2017

Shattered Star - Curse of the Lady's Light - Episode 3 - What do you call a full grown wolf?

The party makes it way to the boggart village.

They pass a house and see eyes looking at them. They encounter a group of boggarts which attack. It's a desperate battle, but the heroes are victorious. The heroes briefly recoup and then investigate the village. The party searches the village looking for "stuff".

They find a Troglodyte suffering from "filth fever". She tells them that she was captured and was to be sacrificed to the boggart god in another cave. The party buffs her so she is more likely to get home safely and then they continue to the cave.

They enter the cave and after a little ways they notice the cavern is worked stone. They encounter a Pyrohydra. They very quickly beat it. Then they return to the Troglodyte village to reset.

The Trogs are impressed that they defeated the boggart god. The party eats "pyrohydra stew" and rests.

The next day the party heads towards "the bug cave" and see carvings of warrior women. The party is about to proceed down a shaft when they are attacked by the statues of the warrior women. While immune to the Scorching Ray (cuz, like, I forgot) they were not immune to Acid Arrows and a lot of damage.

They tie a rope to Trypic and lower him down the dark shaft. We didn't have enough rope to lower him down more than about 20 feet. They conclude they do not have enough rope.

Morrigan notes there is a featherfall effect. Wil immediately jumps in. Jazeem jumps in after. Tryptic and Morrigan are boggled, but eventually jump in. It is VERY deep and they eventually land on the floor of a grand hall made of polish marble.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Shattered Star - Curse of the Lady's Light - Episode 2 - I wasn't there

Yes, I wasn't here - notes provided from Tryptic

War Journal - Lady's Light - Swamp Day 2
  Local landowner (witch? half-orc? female?) accepted offering of sea plants for use of support and maintenance facilities. Provided status of local politics in regard to the lit monument.
  - Area should be considered cursed.  Tried visiting site years back. Advised care when investigating. (cursed?)
  - Hostile tribe A (Froggies, Boggart?) in caves at base of statue.  Aggressive fighting against tribe B. Considered evil, and currently influenced by troop of knights (see Unknown Military Force).  
  - Hostile tribe B (Troggies, Trogglodyte?) in caves slightly farther from statue.  Likely to have alternate paths to enter site.  Likely at disadvantage due to knights supporting tribe A.
  - Unknown military force. Armored knights sent to investigate target site. (Female humans, Led by Orianna)  Met with local landowner earlier, rude and appear to have allied with tribe A to secure access.

Swamp Day 3-13 - Investigation of tribe B.
 - As expected, did not welcome the visit.   Forced to take out ambushers on the trail in.   Upon entry discovered tribe had been heavily damaged.
 - Attacked by leader, executed during defense.
 - Showed compassion on remaining tribe.  Attempted repairs on remainder in hopes of gaining cooperation.  Cooperation initiative succeeded.
 - Spent time attempting to convert hideous jade emblem into something better.  Partially successful, at least it no longer is religious.
 - Learned of further caverns and alliance between knights and tribe A
 - Learned of cavern insects.  Tribe A has repellent.  Must seek out samples.

Caverns Day 14 - Investigation into caves.
 - Encountered insects.  Dangerous, fast, and not too bright.  Suggestion of eating like shrimp was rejected.
 - Encountered worship facility.  Signs of evil and depredation.  Defeated religious representatives present.

-- Now on into the caves..

Monday, March 6, 2017

Shattered Star - Curse of the Lady's Light - Episode 1 - Does the water look hurt?

Jazeem, Morrigan, and Wil are waiting for the Ioun stone.

MEANWHILE, a warforged named Tryptic Mirror. Thrane has become less tolerant of warforged. He's been working with another warforged. Eventually the other warforged (whom Trypic has 'forgotten' the name of) is packing to leave and advises him to 'go to Sharn' and find a specific group: daughter of a fiend, son of the earth, and brother of a wolf. He gives Trypic a pouch with a branding stamp. That night, he looks at the brand, heats it and is driven to BRAND HIS FOREHEAD.

He gets a vision of an armored figure of a headless demonic figure riding a horse. Then he has a vision of an elf putting a helmet on his head. Then he has a vision of a stone statue of an angel with no face. As he returns to consciousness and sees the warforge appears floating above him and implores him to "Go Now".

Trypic flees. He takes a lightning rail out of Thrane. Trypic takes odd jobs to pay his way to Sharn. As he continues he discovers that he is developing some inherent magical abilities. He learns that the brand symbol he has is the mark of Onatar. He still doesn't know what the riddle to find, "daughter of a fiend, son of the earth, and brother of a wolf".

Eventually, he arrives in Sharn. He encounters the crowds. He impresses some locals who offer him a job. Trypic makes his way to the "customs office" and is processed by another warforged named "Stringer". The other warforged is puzzled by Tryptic's answers but gives him some paperwork. Aside from normal processing paperwork advises to meet him in the south railway lounge in 30 minutes.

Tryptic meets Stringer. He ponders Trypic's statement about looking for, "daughter of a fiend, son of the earth, and brother of a wolf". Stringer thinks he may know who Tryptic is looking for. He tells Tryptic about his being abducted by derro. He describes his rescuers (the party). He gives directions to the Pathways society.

Back to the party, They return to the Pathway society to get to Ioun stone. They are ushered into a room full of people (many of whom they have not yet met). Sheila Hidemark is there with her husband. There is also Koria Asmirand and Natalia Venkaskerskinson.

Wil now has the shard with no curse.

Wil sees a vision of "The Lady's Light". It is a monolithic statue off of the coast of the Shadow Marches. It has been around for a long time as it was built by one of the Lords of Dust, Sorshen (embodiment of lust). The Pathways society says they will arrange for passage there.

They are given boxes and inside is a very elaborate compass. They are now members of the society and the compasses are wayfinders.

After that two women approach them. Sabyyra Kalm is a spice merchant, she is hoping that we will broker an agreement with locals for trade. Morrigan takes a folder with information. The second woman who is short and smells of granite and paint; Aveya. She has seen the party rowing back and forth from the Crow. She makes statues of succubi "in flagrante". She offers to buy any interesting statues or artwork. The party agrees.

As they leave they almost run into Tryptic. After purchasing a zone of truth spell, they decide to trust him.

The next day they prepare to leave. They head to their ship, "The Wanton Ways". The trip is uneventful.

They arrive at "The Lady's Cape" where the statue is. They take a rowboat out to it. They start walking toward the "Lady" and find a path that leads to a small island nearby. They cross the bridge in hopes of setting up a camp. They notice a column of smoke from the island. They find totems with skulls on them when they get to the island. They find runes written in Draconic with dire warnings to turn back.

They continue on. They find a shack from where the smoke is coming. There is a stench coming from it. Morrigan knocks. They are approached by a half-orc woman. She tells them she needs Kelpie's hair. A particular seaweed. There is a ship wreck where it grows. The party heads out.

They come across an area with various flotsam scattered about. Jazeem swims out to look for the kelp and is attacked by something in the water (Grey ooze). Jazeem quickly destroys it.

They return with the seaweed.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Shattered Star - Interlude - 50 Shades of Ambergris

Koriah Azmerin tells the story of whale oil (I forgot to take notes).

The party notes two people in the bar talking. The man (victor has manacles).

Vrin and Victor St. Demain are talking and Victor is talking in a threatening manner. Wil and Jazeem start arguing over money and helping Vrin. Victor pulls a set of manacles and moves toward her. Jazeem steps up to stop him. Wil steps up appraising how much money Victor likely has. Victor identifies himself as an Inquistive. Morrigan notices that 2 patrons have disappeared. 

Victor leaves and chases after Vrin. The party gives chase. Wil and Jazeem each take a hit in their chase. A fight ensues as some of the patrons attack the party. The party subdues the attackers and Morrigan manages to charm one of the attackers. They chat with him and discover that Vrin is a thief. Morrigan lets him go. 

They hear an explosion outside.

The party goes out, and they find the results of a huge explosion. Victor is yelling "Stop that woman!" The party gives chase. They finally manage to catch up to Vrin (who is now appearing as a man). Jazeem grapples him and orders Vrin to change back. Vrin is a changling.

Everyone catches up. 

They take Vrin into custody and with Victor go to House Medani. The party gets a reward and returns to Whale Oil. The meet Koriah and a dwarf (probably with House Kundurak). The dwarf is interested in purchasing Tick. He offers 7000 gold, plus "House Kundurak bank accounts".

Jazeem is very sad and gives Tick a hug. 

The dwarf leaves with Tick. Wil is very obsessed with bling. 

Monday, February 6, 2017

Shattered Star - Shards of Sin - Episode 8 - Sigmund and the Sea Monsters

There are 3 people - human man, human woman, warforged. The heroes lead them out. Lockerby eats the deep gnome corpses. Finster leads them out a different way and they end up coming out a secret door in the grey float district. They return to the guard watchtower with the former captives.
They meet up with Sgt. Cassidy. They answer her questions and give a play-by-play (leaving out details of Lockerby).

Wil, in a fit of cruelty, demands that they sell Tick.

They party returns to the Crow and go find Lockerby. They continue down. The stairway stops at a dark void. They believe it to be a passage to Khyber - the Underdark. They go back and ponder how to block it off. They try the other stair case and continue exploring. They eventually find their way to a small cave. In the cave is a small skeleton. As they go to investigate, a chill blows through. Will observes it's brown mold. They lob an alchemical ice at it to kill it off and go to investigate. There is nothing interesting so they continue.

They encounter a magical darkness which Wil dissipates with a light spell. They continue and encounter more darkness. Morrigan can see. They dispel more darkness and find a room with crates, barrels, and some alchemical equipment.

The party is attacked. Something drops over Wil and Akeela's heads. Weird squid creatures. Two small winged figures also appear. Finally, another derro appears. The battle commences. It doesn't go well. (Like, half of the session was fighting JUST the derro). During the battle, Morrigan casts her scroll of animate dead on the DarkMantle and directs it to attack.

Lockerby eats the derro and the party looks around. They find some vials of a weird alchemical liquid and various gold coins. They also find a lens of detection and a wand of spiritual weapon. Jazeem names the zombie darkmantle "Sigmund".

Lockerby leaves them and they send Sigmund with them.

The next day they continue explore. They find a room with a domed ceiling. In the center is an altar. On the alter is another shard. However, there are two giant spider thingies in the room that attack. They quickly defeat them. They determine the shard is the shard of greed.

Wil picks up the shard. HE WANTS TO BUY STUFF!

They return to the guard post. Cassidy tells them there is a reward for the missing peoples. They return to the Pathway society. They tell Sheila about their misadventures. Wil insists they get paid for the information.

As they are doing business around town, they meet up with Koriah Azmerin (The other pathways person). She takes them into Whale Oil (the place they are staying). She wants to hear about what's going on.

She tells us the story of...

Monday, January 23, 2017

Shattered Star - Shards of Sin - Episode 7 - Alternative Facts

The party returns to Sharn to get rid of the load of items.

The party gives the brooch to Liza Jane. They also return to the Pathfinder..errr...Pathways society. They provide descriptions of what happened and Morrigan casts illusion. And apparently, mysterious voices from another realm tells us about baseball players (My phone chimed in).

Sheila husband Kevin err... Kenevin is interested in what they saw. Morrigan recreates the images for him. He speculates that one of the images is that of a nascent demon lord, but he cannot recall the name. He notes with interest that the image shows Zelasnist interacting with the demon could be interesting. He gives the party 1000 gp.

The party also drops the ID they got off of the cocooned person eaten by spiders with the city guard before returning to The Crow.....

They return to where they left off and continue down the hallways. The party is attacked. More of the lemuireses attack, but the party quickly kills them.

They enter another room that is a disused storage room. There they find a brass crank with a pearl inlaid handle. They also find a weird brass humanoid with 3 legs and 3 arms. Jazeems finds a set of smith's tools.

The party attempts to pull the shard off of one of the statues but to no avail except 1 negative level.

The party continues to explore.

They eventually find a key which looks like could fit in the automaton. They wind up the automaton and find it responds to commands. It is a clockwork servant. The party names it "Tick".

The party continue to explore.

The next room they enter they hear a voice that demands why they are here. It identifies itself as Lord Baz. It demands to be worshipped. Morrigan casts see invisibility, notes it's an accuser devil, casts sleep on it, ties it up, and crushes it with Wil's mace (Quite possibly the most awesome thing i've ever done in an RPG).

They return with the body of Baz to Suzarain of Airobus.

Suzarain rewards them. Morrigan casts see invisibility and sees the small batwinged creature. Wil asks, "How can we pay homage if we can't see you?" Suzarain reveals itself. Wil says "You are truely magnificent" and swings his mace at it.

A fight ensues. The party deals with Suzarain and the lemures.

They return the bodies of Baz and Suzarain to Stink. Stink gives them a handful of gold and 3 gems.

The party looks for Lockerby Brast. They return to his room. They tell him that the brooch brought her comfort. He goes to aid them with the Derro. He reminds them that there are 3 ways to get to them. He recommends via the balcony but they have to deal with Cave Morays.

He leads them on down a passageway to a room with a crossway over water. There are sewer pipes pouring water into the room. The party enters the room and is attacked by the cave morays. Morrigan crits with Scorching Ray! The rest of the party kills the other one.

The party reaches the balcony overlooking a large room. In the center is a wide spiral staircase going down. The party hears arguing in a gutteral language that causes the party's ears to itch.

The party attacks and manages to defeat the 3 of them.

Lockerby says there is a 4th.

They continue looking - and run across a Carrion Golem and a fight ensues. They manage to defeat it. After defeating it they find, much to our surprise, FENSTER!

They keep exploring. They find some cells with people in them. They free them.

Monday, January 9, 2017

Shattered Star - Shards of Sin - Episode 6 - There's job security in murder hoboing

We work our way back to where we left off. In the room we see a large red statue of the woman holding the rascur. The room is caked with the mucusy slime. The party is attacked by a leech like creature. Grubs and leeches and such pour out of it's mouth. They quickly kill the critter. They note the statue's ransur is a magical weapon that is not actually part of the statue. They take the statue

They take the door to the left which leads to a bare stone room where weird tar-ish creatures attack. They quickly kill the creatures and continue on.

The next room they enter contains a large glowing circle of runes with a small bit of fire in the middle. The circle is a magic circle against law. Akela and Wil check out the next room, skirting the circle. The next room is an oddly angled room 20x30, with a curtain made out of chains. The room seems empty. He continues on while Morrigan and Jazeem wait. Two creatures appearing to be made out of clay come out at Wil - and so Jazeem and Morrigan rush to his aid. They smush the critters.

A booming voice calls out, "Excellent, you've done well. Perhaps you will be of more service to little Airubus". It tells the party to go slay "Lord Baz". The party reluctantly agrees and continues back to the room with the statue.

They enter a wide room with two pillars. There are runes all over. "Does true power lie within one or the many?" One statue is of Zalaznast and the pillar of the other runelords. Finding nothing of interest, they continue on.

Eventually they find a room with a door. Wil opens it an finds two more "weird tar" creatures attack. They splatter them and continue.

The next room has carvings of soldiers caked with salt. There is a stairwell leading into the ocean with a magic field. Morrigan concludes there is a magic field that holds back the water, but doesn't stop beings from walking through.  There is also a door. The party enters the door and finds a staircase going up into a domed chamber that shows areas below water (we are underwater). Morrigan notes that there is a shipwreck in the water. Morrigan finds 2 scrolls of water breathing.

Morrigan casts the water breathing. Wil ties a rope (so they can get back). They walk to the ship. The ship is the "Liza Jane". Wil recalls it is a ship that sank a few years back. As they get on the ship they are attacked by Eel Crustacean things.

Most of the ships contents are rotted away. The party finds a rapier, buckler (+1), and a brooch.

The party returns to dry land.

They continue looking. The next room they find a room with dry black sludge. There is a creature that sees us an immediately starts crying in fear. It says it's name is "Stink". It offers to "give the party stuff" for killing Baz.

The party continues. They find another room with a statue of Zalasnist. The rasur it's holding starts sparking and smoking. Morrigan detects magic and room explodes.  They avoid any serious damage and look through.

They see weird art (more detail coming). They continue (not been mapping the maze, so it's been vague where we are going beyond generally doing "left hand rule").

Eventually get to an iron door. They force it open and find a curving passageway. The walls/floor/ceiling are sheathed with iron. Morrigan reads the runes and determines the room is designed to weaken the fields between plains. This is likely to the plane of fire.

While exploring the maze, they realize they are being followed and are promptly attacked by a firey canine thing. Morrigan realizes she shouldn't have taken scorching ray as her 2nd level attack spell. The party drops it and continues through the maze.

Eventually they find a room with an iron floor. There is suit of armor that looks like it was previously worn by someone who has long since "rotted away". Morrigan uses dimensional slide to go through the portcullis and open it using the wench. They identify the armor as masterwork halfplate. And they continue.

(snip - unable to record this - they fought some things)

Party continues. Gets to a wide double doors. There are stairs leading into murky water.

Jazeem swims across but is attacked by 3 creatures (sinspawn?).  The party manages to defeat them and Jazeem continues on. The rest of the party follows.
Ghoulish Lockery Brast

They get to a room with a cistern full of dark water with troughs of water with soggy timbers over them. They hear singing in the passageway off the left. The party slowly proceeds. Suddenly the singing stops and they hear a splash.

In the next room there is a stone bridge in a room full of water. The walls have been painting in a mural depicting Sharn. The party crosses the bridge and hears, "Well, look what has come to visit me. A whole bunch of you too! What are you doing here?"

The party talks with the voice. He says he is/was Capt. Lockery Brast of the Liza Jane. He asks for the broach which they give him. A form comes out of the water. It examines the locket. He has become a ghoul.  In gratitude he provides information.

Ahead is another room full of water - but  don't go in - it will collapse. The way back eventually leads to a magic fountain. Be careful of the green slime growing there. Continue on, there is another watery room with 2 huge cysts. Cave Morays - don't mess with them.

He further asks that we go to his widow and tell her that we found the broach. Don't tell her he is now a ghoulish monster. Ask around in the docks for "Liza Jane Brast".

He also warns of Derro.

Monday, December 26, 2016

Shattered Star - Shards of Sin - Episode 5 - They had it comin.....

The party wanders down the non-aggressive stairs. They enter a large room with empty burial niches. Suddenly, they are attacked by giant ants. The party barely defeats them.

At this point, the party becomes fatigued and needs to find a place to rest. The night goes by without incident.

The next day the party continues on and passes through the room where the burial niches are. They dig in through the ant mounds and find a secret door. They enter a small room full of webs. They are greeted by a giant Black Widow spider which they defeat VERY quickly. There are two secret doors, but they bypass them for now.

The party continues on.

They hear a high pitched voice that beckons them forward. They meet a small creature that talks to them. It's blue with a large nose and big eyes. Wil identifies it as a mite. It is wearing a crown. It tells them that he has a quest for which he will give a diamond. He calls himself King Tsuga. They are to return his "Sleeping crown" to him from "Clicky-legs". The party assents and wanders back down the hall.

They return to the room where they fought the ants and continue the original passage. Eventually, they enter a room full of mites and spiders. They very quickly start taking out the mites, and the remaining mites flee.

The party continues and finds a cell lockup. Will starts to investigate when they are attacked by more spiders and mites. They quickly defeat them.

The party resumes looking and investigating. They eventually find an ancient torture chamber. Will continues looking into the disused cells. One of the cells contains a sinspawn. It is unable to break through. Morrigan kills it through the door with repeated acid splash.

The party encounters an iron door which they open and look inside. There is another room but with a passage extending to the left. The party follows that passage. They pass through a guard barracks, but it has long collapsed into ruin.

They eventually find themselves in a damp natural grotto. Will figures that with number of stairs they have gone down that they are well underground at this point. They find another statue of the woman with the ransur, Zelasnist.

They locate a secret door. They open it and suddenly Morrigan is sent flying through the air straight up. Above is a Cavefisher that is pulling her up. They manage to kill it. They find the satchel on it's leg that King Tsuga wanted. Inside is a bracer which they realise is King Tsugas "Night Crown". They return to Tsuga.

They suprise him and he sets his guards on them. They handily defeat the mites. They look through the room and find a small silver statue of Nyarlathotep.

Morrigan focuses on the shard and senses they are going the right way. They return to the grotto area. They find themselves being attacked by brown and yellow skeletons.  They quickly deal with the skeletons.

They continue exploring. They come across a room that looks like an ancient disused kitchen area. Inside one of the oven areas is a swarm of centipedes. They barely manage to deal with them.

As they finish a mite, sneezes and enters the room. It screams and runs away. They return to the Paradox room and rest.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Shattered Star - Shards of Sin - Episode 4 - Stupid NCSoft (I'm still bitter)

They enter the area and end at a ledge and see a platform held by 4 thick ropes. There is another arch that looks over the water. There are ropes that attach to the ceiling that let you swing to the platform. Jazeem swings over the platform and sees a hatch in the ceiling above him. He opens the hatch and a ladder slides down. He throws the rope back and climbs the ladder. At the top is a crawlway that leads to another hatch. He opens it and drops down to another hallway.

Morrigan also swings over and follows Jazeem. Wil manages to get across with Akeela and follows. The walls bear murals with strangely dressed priests. The party believes they are burial niches. They continue to an oblong room that appears to be empty. The passage continues to the right. They continue.

They hear a loud clanging and Wil notices he has tripped an alarm. He grabs the bell and rings it yelling, "I'M COMING FOR YOU!" Morrigan gives Wil an odd look at this point. In the next room there are two tower girls. The fight commences.

The party makes short work of the Tower Girls in the room, although one flees. On the wall is a stone demon face dribbling water. It radiates a magical aura which Morrigan identifies as a replenishing fountain.

The continue down the hallway, encounter a fork they go right. The find a few items along with an urn full of coins and a crate with a bronze statue in it. They collect the items. They backtrack.

The other path has stairs leading down. They continue. AND ARE ATTACKED! Three Tower Girls are in front of them with 2 donkey-rats (snicker). Wil is entangled in a tanglefoot bag. They eventually manage to defeat them.

However, they are attacked again with a similar group + 1 Wererat. They manage to defeat the Tower girls. They continue. In the next room, they see a statue. Morrigan thinks it's familiar but can't place it. They also find a Harrow Deck. They continue.

The continue on eventually finding another statue of the woman which Morrigan recognizes as Alaznist one of the Lords of Dust.

They continue looking. Morrigan tries to locate again using the shard. Although the signal is weak, they think they are going the right way.

They finally enter a large room with 2 large doors made out of some kind of metal with a motif of "eyes". There is a puzzle on the door that they quickly solve.

Before going through they look in the other doors. They are attacked by another were rat. The battle is joined by 2 donkey rats. They manage to defeat them. They recover a cache of loot. They look around and find a skeleton with armor and a rapier. It has a pendant on it that gives a +5 competence bonus to appraise checks, grows warm near illusion magic, and allows one identify a day which Morrigan takes.

Fantastic example of a giant amoeba (stupid f'ing NCSoft)
They go through the double doors and there is a passage heading off. They go through the passage. In one of the rooms is a pond of green scum. Jazeem investigates and a creature in the liquid attacks him.

Two weird amorphous creatures come out of the water with Jazeem and the battle commences. They quickly defeat the creatures and continue.

They get to another room. The room is littered with dessicated fish carcasses and bodies. There is webbing and there is a pool of water. The group is again attacked - this time by 2 giant spiders.

They quickly defeat the spiders and continue. Morrigan finds an id clasp on one of the carcasses. It is the body of "Veddy Paymer" who used to live in the Greywash district. The party backtracks.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Shattered Star - Shards of Sin - Episode 3 - Trumping the Tower Girls

Mórrígan and Talia were unconscious. Akela, Wil and Jazeem started chasing the snake through the pipe. Wil and Akela catch up to the serpent creature but he manages to outpace them. Jazeem falls behind. They close, but Akela sees a SQUIRREL and starts running faster. Wil also gets past the snake. Jazeem and Akela try to corner the snake. It attempts to slither away, but not before Jazeem manages to take a few swings at it. Wil waits at the far end of the tunnel waiting for the snake. The snake belches an odor at Jazeem and Akela. Jazeem manages to defeat the goblin snake. Wil returns. Wil throws the artifact in a bag, get the rest of them and stop at an inn to rest and clean up. The next morning, they return to the Pathway Society.

Sheila greets them and asks for an update. Wil starts becoming blatantly anti-social. She provides a scarlet blue stone and connects it to the artifact. They merge. Wil snaps out of it. Shiela explains that the artifact comes from the age of demons. It is a portion of what was called "The Shatter Star of Zin". This is the shard of pride. If you carry it, you can cast major image 1/day, get a +2 insight bonus vs illusions and +2 insight bonus to all skill checks. Furthermore, it gives a +2 bonus to intelligence and knowledge of history. They give it to Mórrígan. The Shattered Star is a device that was created during the age of demons by the leader of the Lords of Dust named Zin. At the time the item was known as the Sihedron - a 7 pointed star. Each point was made of a different magical material. Zin broke the item apart and each of the 7 Lords of Dust took one. Since that time, the Shards haven't been reassembled. Assembled, it is a powerful defensive artifact. This artifact would be of immeasurable benefit to whichever country owned it. Shiela suggests that the group acquire the parts. Because the group is unknown, they could pursue this quest undercover.

Mórrígan focuses and gets a vision. She sees Sharn as if she was flying above the city circling into the southern point of the city she sees the cranes loading goods into the ships and she sees some enormous stone pilings leaning into the water. She describes it and Wil thinks it sounds like the "irespan" - a portion of the city that long long pre-dates Sharn. She also notes it centered on a particular piling with a carved bird motif on it - vaguely like vultures in parts. Wil says this piling it called "The Crow".  Sheila provides the party with Cure Light Wounds potions.

Mórrígan indicates that the magic ring they have is a ring of feather fall. The party leaves and sells off items.

The next morning, the party sees Talia in the infirmary. She says that she found it when the Tower Girls moved into "The Crow" (we are wondering, because that is supposed to be where the next one is).  The Tower Girls used the passageways out in the pilings as a place to hold up. One day, Talia found a secret door with a skeleton holding the artifact. She took it and got corrupted. She got some local thugs to help her and start to set up a gang to try to "take over the world".  She warns us that the leader of the Tower Girls is a wererat. She also warns that there are "Donkey Rats" there.

The party leaves and goes out to "The Crow" via rowboat. The pilings tower over them. We find a place to dock where there are 3 other rowboats. They enter. There is evidence that people have set up camp here before. They bring the rowboats in and start exploring.

They stop at a landing with some stone boxes and yellow dust, but find nothing of interest. They continue up.

The next level is a hall with murals. Mórrígan notes that the murals depict the Irespan before it collapsed. Mórrígan studies the murals for later. However, Wil hears a noise. Wil looks over and sees something comes up the staircase. He calls out and draws an arrow. Nothing happens. He and Akela go and look at the staircase leading up, but nothing is there. However, there are marks indicating a large rat has recently passed.

The party continues up the stairs.   They enter a room with a large table where they see a wererat and two minions to attack. Battle commences. They quickly defeat the wererat and her minions.

They search the rooms. They find a camp with some meat cooking. They also find another room with more murals, but these are faded.  They continue searching and find themselves at the top of the arch where they entered (above where the rowboats were).