Tuesday, December 25, 2007

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What did the fat guy give you this year?

Apparently I was a VERY good person this year.
  • Stevie Ray Vaughan - Solos, Sessions & Encores
  • The Film Crew - Hollywood After Dark
  • A Red Sweater
  • An Art Book
  • Socks (gotta have socks!)
  • and much much more!
What choice items made their way into YOUR stocking? Leave a comment and tell me!


Matthew said...

Merry Christmas!

Best present of all, my entire family came over for Christmas dinner. I cooked bourbon roast beef. Now the wife and I are kicking back enjoying a leisurely evening.

Rachael Storm said...


The brother-in-law is outside cooking up steak, the missus is making twice-baked potatoes and green bean cassarole with her mother. I'm watching a Clint Eastwood western with my father in law while I clatter away on the laptop.

Ethereal Council, Dalyth Prime said...

Sounds like a wonderful christmas, R!

We had big stockings this year:
Two big bookshelves with glass doors, a glass tower display case, boatloads of miniatures, the 2nd ed Conan rpg, season 3 of mst3k, season 4 of Babylon 5, a few other things on video (masters of horror, a gojira collection), and all that kind of thing. We've had a ball, and it made a nice end to what has been an otherwise horrific year.