Monday, October 13, 2008


Yep, you read right, I unsubscribed from cable. I know, many of you dear readers are saying, "WTF?!?!?!" It's not as extreme as you first think.

First of all, I didn't watch a great deal of TV. Certainly, I do watch South Park, Fringe, Simpsons, Family Guy, and Battlestar Galactica. But really, not a lot compared to what is out there. However, I DID NOT GIVE ANY OF THIS UP!

How is that? You ask.

Well, my laptop has a S-Video connector which my TV also has. It also has a handy headphone adapter that I can hook into my surround sound system. I upgraded to Roadrunner premium when I dropped my cable and decided to start using the following websites...

Now, I am aware that these do not provide UBER picture quality, but if I want that, I'll watch the DVD! Oh, and yes...they have commercials, but...they are about 15 seconds of commercial per 15 minutes of TV....that is LESS than it would be if I fastforwarded on the DVR.

I'm saving $50/month by doing this.


Matthew said...

You do realize of course that when our economy tanks due to massive losses by the broadcast media, it will all be your fault?

I hope you are proud of yourself, you economic saboteur you!

Chris said...

He can't help it, he hates the economy. I kid!!!

Seriously though, I think TV as we know it today will be dead. There will still be "network" TV over the air, but I think it will be for live product only. What I mean by live product is sports activities like football games, baseball games, etc. Also news events like political commentary, large nationwide events, etc.

The TV shows we all know and love will all be streamed, either directly to the computer or through a digital box supplied by cable/satellite companies. It will be all on-demand, all the time.