Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Another Miniatures game

I like games. Its cool playing different games with different mechanics and seeing what is out there to have fun with. I also enjoy history (though there ARE vast gaping holes in my knowledge). This had prompted me to look beyond and think about other types of games. One of them that has recently caught my eye is Flames of War. I've not picked it up yet, but I'm looking at it.

Its a World War II miniatures combat game.

I know I need to get my personal life in balance and figure out how best to work my playtimes with the rest of my life. But I digress....

Chris A and I have been looking at this and have considered giving it a go. I've heard it's a good balance of simulation/game (whereas Warhammer, 40k, and Warmachine are more game than simulation).

One of the neat things about the game is that it lists out what part of the war a certain miniature would be from (Early, Middle, Late). It's land and air based combat (if you want a sea based game, tell Chris to get his butt in gear and work on his project). Its actually rather cheap compared to GW or Privateer Press as you can have a HUGE army for about $200.

Of course, I'll be totally and unrepentantly evil and play the German army. Chris has picked the US. Furthermore, we've also hooked in a couple other friends into this. Cliff (the Ork player) is going to play the Italians and Clay (the IG player) will be running the Soviets.

For fun, we've all kinda decided that when we play, it will be a potentially "alternate history" to permit anyone to fight anyone (in 40k style), else certain of us would never fight the other of us (notice though how I picked the army that everyone could fight).

The first weekend of every month Flames of War is played up at Great Hall Games here in Austin, so I'd be sure to find players.

I'm shooting for an AfrikaCorps Panzercompanie.

If any of you dear readers have played it, please comment and let me know what you think!


Anonymous said...

Yeah the game looks awesome i decided on the Compagnia Bersaglieri Motociclisti , that way i am fast and hard hitting, but i will not be ass heavly armoured as my german allies - Cliff

Chris said...

I am running the US Army, specifically the 1-141st infantry regiment of the 36th infantry division, also known as the Texas Division.

I now have 2 HQ sections, 4 full rifle platoons, a weapons platoon and a self-propelled anti-tank platoon consisting of 2 m10 3" GMCs and a M20 scout car.

The vehicles are built and waiting paint while the 200 plus muldoons in the rifle and weapons platoons are being excised of any extraneous flashing and being made ready for paint as well. I am painting the troops before I base them.