Sunday, May 16, 2010

Windows Media Center

Remember way back when I talked about living without cable?

Since I lost the "Work from home" gig my hardcore PC has been gathering dust. So, I decided to move the system to the living room and got Windows Media Center running. Much to my irritation, Microsoft has created a third thing I love.

First was C# and .Net. The beautiful combo of Java and C++ with a library of code that makes my life as a Software Engineer (go me!) so very much easier.

Second was Windows 7. Its more stable than Windows XP and blows away Vista in usability. Its only downside, its not Unix (where OSX and Linux win).

Now #3: Windows Media Center.

It has DVR software that works with my Hauppauge USB signal processor. It allows seamless access to (so its easy to watch NCIS). Finally, with the plug-in for Hulu Desktop, its easy to watch shows there.

The only drawbacks are centered around lack of integration with Comedy Central (hard to watch South Park, Daily Show, and the Colbert Report). The other is lack of iTunes integration (Dr. Who).

Still, if you use Windows, give it a look!

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