Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Fresh Blog Paint

With the coming of new games in which I'm interested (hopefully more grabbing than Champions was), new paint at home, and a slightly improving life balance, I decided to do some blog tweaking. Some of this is experimenting with new blogger features and some compensating for poor posting habits.

First, notice that I added a Twitter gadget. I use Twitter to update Facebook and Google Buzz, so you wont see anything new there if you follow me on Facebook or Buzz. Another interesting social networking tidbit, is that about a day after I post on this blog, a notification will show up on my Twitter/Facebook/Buzz feed.

Secondly, I updated the listing of RSS posts. I put in more links to Star Wars: The Old Republic, and removed other links to make the site more gamey (ha!).

These changes should make the blog a little more interesting to visit even if I've not posted in a while.

I've done a few other tweaks including adding a series of links about SW:tOR (no, this isn't becoming an Old Republic blog, I'm just really excited), removing ads (they were an experiment too), adding a dynamic list of the many podcasts to which I listen, and general shuffling of stuffs.

Like the look? Let me know what you think - comments are eternally welcome!

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