Friday, September 10, 2010

I found new Star Wars: The Old Republic Podcasts

And here they are...
  1. Corellian Run Radio
  2. TOR Syndicate
  3. TOROCast
I've just started listening to these, so I don't know if they are good or not at this time, but I thought I'd share!

If you are as excited about Bioware's Star Wars MMO as I am, check it out!


CRRKathy said...

Thanks for the mention. We are relatively new to the SWTOR podcast scene, but we try to offer something a little different in addition to the usual news roundup. One of our most popular features is our Sith or Jedi segment, where Carla and I take real life situations (speeding, moving neighbor's garbage cans, etc.) and see if we walk the Dark or Light side in our daily lives. I recommend skipping the first podcast -- our scripted format did not work and we canned it immediately after negative listener response!

Again, thanks. Nice blog you have here!

Rachael Storm said...

Hi Kathy!

Yes, I'm enjoying your netcast (Corellian Run Radio), it's one of the better SWTOR podcasts IMHO - well constructed and high quality audio production. Keep up the good work!

I'm crazy excited about TOR (as you can see), and its nice to hear other people who are equally as excited (Hopefully I'll enjoy it at least as much as I enjoyed City of Heroes and KOTOR). Check out if wish.

Look for Rachael Storm as a Jedi Guardian :)

I'm glad you like my silly little corner of the interwebs. Just trying to collect my thoughts (such as they are).

FatalKain said...

Russ !!!!!
what up man Its Sprawl from COH!!!
my guild is going to be playing Tor when it comes out you should come check us out
I would love to be able to roll with you and hopefully east hit me up on msn some day