Wednesday, October 13, 2010

2010 New Year's Resolution Update

As I look at the progress of my New Year's Resolution for 2010, there is one area that I feel I've failed miserably: Fitness.

  • I've increased the amount I read.
  • I've been studying technical information for work.
  • I've gotten in the habit of doing chores.
  • I've been managing my task list so stuff doesn't fall off my to do list
  • I've been working to follow my bliss.
  • I've been working to be more spiritual.

HOWEVER, I'm still fat and unhealthy and I need to jumpstart my improvments in this area to continue "remaking" myself.

I did some research on this and decided on pursing Crossfit (well, not exactly - YMCA offers a Crossfit-like program I'm doing). What I like is that this seems to be a more holistic way of exercising. Furthermore, it is a way of exercising that doesn't get routine or boring. It is hard and can be painful, but I'm enjoying it so far.

Furthermore, I'm tracking my calorie intake and outgo at Nerd Fitness. For the record, I am aware I will be needing to do this to some extent for the rest of my life.

My idea at the beginning of the year to move to a more entrepeneural stance in my career I decided to toss. First of all, I found a job I like. Secondly, as part of my spiritual reflection, I decided I wasn't thrilled with the idea of putting so much time toward my career.

What does this have to do with fitness?

There is still the need to step beyond my comfort zone and take a risk. If I cannot do it in the real of work, I should do it elsewhere.

This raises the question, "What should I do?". The most obvious answer is to sign up and participate in a race. After running Cross Country in High School, that idea really doesn't excite me as I find regular running very dull. So I did some research and came up with the following:

This type of race seems less boring to me than something like a 5k/10k/Triathlon. I'm still thinking about this, but it looks like it could be really fun and nerdy.



Chris said...

I would say Warrior dash

Anonymous said...

Spartan Race is great entry race as well. Lots of venues in 2011.