Monday, June 27, 2011

Sharn - The Cauldron - Episode 11

The unnamed person is a Teifling Monk named Druce Tourloch. They take the rats back to the garrison and start to question them. The party quickly realizes that the rats, even when they are willing to talk are completely unable to talk about Agotha or what they are doing. The group calls Mazin who comes down and quickly realizes that they are subject to a domination spell. He casts “Protection from Evil” allowing them to speak on the subject of Agotha.

The rats were ordered, by Agotha, to find individuals, capture them and mark them with a scent that she can track. The group decides to use this to their advantage and set a trap for Agotha. That same evening they head out and hang Nysra upside down, mark her with the scent, and hide.

Shortly, Agotha arrives and realizes that a trap has been set. The party manages to defeat Agotha and Kal severs the vampire's head. The remaining rats, no longer dominated, flee.

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