Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Foundation of Jhantor - a Star Wars: The Old Republic Guild

Link to The Foundation of Jhantor

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kahn265 said...

For those who cannot see the crawl...

The Foundation of Jhantor

The Galactic Republic is in shambles. The Cold War against the Sith Empire is in full force. Not all agree that the Republic's "Peace at any cost" policy is an appropriate stance. Jedi librarian and archivist Rachael Storm is one such person.

Realizing that war must reignite, she has created THE FOUNDATION where a small group will research and collect information on the remote world of JHANTOR.

On this barren world THE FOUNDATION is compiling THE GUIDE TO THE GALAXY. To accomplish this, agents have spread out across the far reaches of the galaxy in hopes of collecting information so that it may never be lost...