Monday, March 20, 2017

Shattered Star - Curse of the Lady's Light - Episode 2 - I wasn't there

Yes, I wasn't here - notes provided from Tryptic

War Journal - Lady's Light - Swamp Day 2
  Local landowner (witch? half-orc? female?) accepted offering of sea plants for use of support and maintenance facilities. Provided status of local politics in regard to the lit monument.
  - Area should be considered cursed.  Tried visiting site years back. Advised care when investigating. (cursed?)
  - Hostile tribe A (Froggies, Boggart?) in caves at base of statue.  Aggressive fighting against tribe B. Considered evil, and currently influenced by troop of knights (see Unknown Military Force).  
  - Hostile tribe B (Troggies, Trogglodyte?) in caves slightly farther from statue.  Likely to have alternate paths to enter site.  Likely at disadvantage due to knights supporting tribe A.
  - Unknown military force. Armored knights sent to investigate target site. (Female humans, Led by Orianna)  Met with local landowner earlier, rude and appear to have allied with tribe A to secure access.

Swamp Day 3-13 - Investigation of tribe B.
 - As expected, did not welcome the visit.   Forced to take out ambushers on the trail in.   Upon entry discovered tribe had been heavily damaged.
 - Attacked by leader, executed during defense.
 - Showed compassion on remaining tribe.  Attempted repairs on remainder in hopes of gaining cooperation.  Cooperation initiative succeeded.
 - Spent time attempting to convert hideous jade emblem into something better.  Partially successful, at least it no longer is religious.
 - Learned of further caverns and alliance between knights and tribe A
 - Learned of cavern insects.  Tribe A has repellent.  Must seek out samples.

Caverns Day 14 - Investigation into caves.
 - Encountered insects.  Dangerous, fast, and not too bright.  Suggestion of eating like shrimp was rejected.
 - Encountered worship facility.  Signs of evil and depredation.  Defeated religious representatives present.

-- Now on into the caves..

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