Monday, June 11, 2007

Fast STF

There is discussion on how to do a "fast" Statesman Task Force. To be honest, I actually prefer the "defeat the mobs in your way" method. There is less margin for error and I find it more fun. However, the desire for bragging rights makes me want to figure out a "faster" way of doing it.

As I think of the TF and what is required to do it faster, I notice the problem that the more corners you cut the less margin of error there is. For example, a lot of people will simply go from mob to mob defeating the "Security Chief?"s until they get the one that gives them a key. However, the problem with this approach is it guarantees 1 ambush for every chief defeated. That can get potentially huge. Certainly doable. However, if you don't have the "dream team" it can get too nasty.

Its also the reason I don't simply condone zerging the AVs at the end. Yes, you have the potential to get it done faster, but it can cost you if you don't do it right.

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Matthew said...

I think today showed us what sort of team could do it. I was really impressed with our stray, Astro Boy. If we could assemble a similar team again, then I think we could very easily go for speed.