Sunday, June 3, 2007


We've always wondered exactly what the blue tower in the final STF encounter does.

Oh yes, it IS a speed boost. One of the things speed boost does is improve recharge time. What limits the amount Lord Recluse can summon is the recharge on the summon. After he'd summoned about 50 level 54 bosses, we decided that perhaps we should take down the blue tower.

Oh yes, it IS fulcrum shift fodder. Yes, I got a LOT of buffs next to me when I footstomped a couple times.

However, there is a limit to the amount of aggro I can hold. The aggro cap is 16 mobs. After that, they start looking for other targets.

I think if you have a couple of good debuffers so that the AVs are dropping sufficiently fast enough, you can risk not dropping all the towers. However, if you are taking a while on the AVs, then you will want to play it safe and take out all the towers.

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