Monday, February 25, 2008

The Butcher of Khador

I played a couple rounds of Warmachine on Saturday. I'd picked up the update deck for Khador (to ensure I had recent stats for my army) and decided to give "The Butcher" a try. I have that model kicking around in the hold somewhere, but can locate it. I decided since I have the card, I'd proxy and give him a try.

There is discussion that I may have made a mistake on the rules for him, but I've yet to be cited a page disputing it. Using his feat and spells, I was able to orchestrate my army to neutralize my opponent rather quickly with a MASSIVE amount of damage. He has a feat where for 1 round, I can add a die to my damage for everyone in his control area. Then I cast a spell that doubled his strength. Combine that with a charge and WOW.

The hard part was trying to get my troops set up for the battle. Certain armies I'll do better than others. The drawback to the Butcher is that while he can defend HIMSELF, I can't easily extend that defense to my Warjacks like I can with Vlad and Sorscha.

ANYWAY, he's pretty badass.

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