Friday, February 8, 2008

Guitar Rising

The crew of the Pequod is not know for it's console gaming chops.

I bought a PS2 a while back for Dance Dance Revolution and not much else. Even that ends up being somewhat "meh" after a while. However, there is a NEW game on the horizon that has grabbed my attention. If I knew the console this was for, I'd preemptively buy it.

Guitar Rising...

I've worked at trying to get better at guitar. I enjoyed playing but I always ran into the limitation of the limits of my manual dexterity. I was usually OK at finding the note I wanted...but just some of the manual gyrations were a bit tricky.

Now, admittedly, this game is likely to have some flaws for the person using it as a "springboard". The other half of learning modern guitar is learning ear training and transcription.

That being said, I applaud the makers of this and I am planning on giving it a heavy look when it comes out.

Official site
Gizmodo article about it

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