Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Dungeon and Dragons session - Hellenika Campaign - If only we had an Orb of Thesulah

The magical time freezing field continues to move outward. Tesla estimates that it will hit the outer edge of the dome in about a month. The party moves in and starts removing magic items from the wizard. Aside from normal magical items, he has a rod and an amulet that "hurts to look at" via detect magic.

The party also looks through his notes finding a myriad of notes regarding time theory. Gal continues to look for "secret storage". She finds a loose stone under one of the tables and when she slides it aside and something tries to bite her hand. There is a small weasel who appears to be the wizards familiar. Iridinae managed to calm the critter down.

Gal attempts to talk to the weasel. However, she quickly realizes that she cannot do it even though she is a druid. Iridinae takes the weasel, Kerin takes the wizard to the drunk tank, Gal takes Boxo to a medical ward, and Tesla takes the magic items.

Boxo wakes up and the party discusses the situation and brings Boxo up to speed on the situation. As part of the discussion, it is revealed that Gal's real name is Lendnel, and she was born "out of time". Boxo reveals that he arrived early in the party's home plane in order to find the party after they'd "messed up". He was nursed back to health by "Gloriana" who became Gal's mother. Boxo is Gal's father. This was when the Faerunian gods threatened Boxo. He left Gal with the elves after draining the infant Gal of chronal energy and traveled forward in time.

Boxo offers to take Gal back to "where-ever she wants to go" and not bother her with the "trial nonsense". Boxo says that the crystal contains a threat that the Castallan will have the party killed if they return.

During the discussion, Tesla gives the box that Stiggo's gave him to Boxo and tells him to open it. (This was the box with the note "When you realize you've made the biggest mistake in your life open this box") - it is a music box (King of Pain).

The party thinks about how to "re-ensoul" Oromos.

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