Monday, March 10, 2008

A metaphysical reboot

Yes, there has been a reason that posting has been erratic in the past month or so. I don't know if posting will ever go back to normal, but then again, that remains to be seen.

With my life encountering an 'unrecoverable error' causing it to be shut down, I find myself needing to redefine myself to an extent. So bearing this in mind, I believe I need to find other things to do than just sitting at home or gaming, as fun as that is. I did have a hell of a lot of fun in the Warmachine tournament yesterday.

What shall I do? Well, I have a few things in mind

Dance: A friend of mine gave me dance lessons for two for Christmas. Well, I have custody of that gift cert, so I think I'm going to give that a shot. People who know me know I have almost no physical coordination and this may be a good choice. I've wanted to try swing dancing (after all, Benny Goodman IS dance music!). For that matter, salsa and two-step would be decent to learn as well. Finally, of course, I could use the exercise.

Kendo: Ever since I saw a certain little sci-fi movie in 1978, I've wanted to know how to fight with a sword. There is also a certain appeal to hitting someone with a bamboo stick. Again, we have the whole exercise thing here. There is a place I can do that locally.

There will probably be other things that will come up. I find a number of things in my life got away from me in the past, for better or worse, and now I wonder, what do I do?

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