Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I want Linux....

I know people who are "Mac people" and I know people who are "Windows people". Despite how far both technologies have come, there is still the great divide that dates back to the days of EGA graphics. However, I was one of those "wierdos" who loved Unix. It's a wonderful and powerful OS. While I recognize that with the advent of Intel CPU Macintoshes, OS X is based on FreeBSD (a Unix variant), but the cost of proprietary hardware kinda bugs me. I love the weird hacker-esque command line arguments. I love the choice. I love the fact it's FREE. I love the fact that Linux acutally makes your PC use LESS electricity. I love that I can customize the OS compiles the way I want.

I really like Linux, but I find myself unable to run it because I have the following very key limitations in software availability.....
  1. No Itunes for Linux - If I could get something to sync my iphone, I could make the jump on one of the PCs I use regularly (I use 3).
  2. Support for Browsers other than IE or Safari - Netflix demands IE (and soon Safari). Because of this, I cannot use it on my HTPC (remember when I dropped cable? I pulled out an old disused PC and I stream TV shows on it).
If either of these two hurdles get surpassed, I can likely drop one of my Windows licenses.

Whenever time permits, I'm going to evaluate a couple of "Run Windows apps under Linux" programs, but it just seems silly to me. I don't WANT to keep sending money to Redmund.

Why does this HAVE to be so hard?!?!??!?!

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