Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A disk read error occurred

Nothing like "The volume appears to contain one or more uncoverable problems" when trying to boot.

At least the HDD is within the 30 day return period. However, this means I'll be somewhat distracted for the next few days while I TOTALLY REBUILD MY SYSTEM FROM SCRATCH!

What's the really fun part? I didn't have a drive big enough to backup to....so, no backups right now.

Ah well, guess it was time for a good spring cleaning anyway.


Chris said...

damn I was hoping that your mobo had gone tu. Oh well I will continue to focus all my hate and vitriol toward MS.

Rachael Storm said...

I was of two minds on that.

1. I did want a mobo/cpu failure so I could get a new system


2. I can't afford that right now.