Thursday, October 15, 2009

I'm a....Mac?

It's AMAZING what you find on the interwebs.

Yes, as an exercise to decide which platform I like, I managed to get my system to boot OSX and work as a "Mac Pro". Now, while I LIKE Windows 7 (and I do), I've wanted to look for a viable alternative OS to Micro$oft.

Linux would have been my real preference, but I need 3 things that Linux doesn't have...
1. Yahoo Instant Messenger (the real thing, not a client that works with it).
2. Exchange Support (I want a SINGLE email client in a non-virtual environtment).
3. iTunes (I have an iPhone, I have an iPod - I don't want to change that).

So, I wanted to try out OSX, but I wasn't able to throw down the cash for the system. Part of my reason for selecting the hardware I did, was that its popular with the "hackintosh" crowd. I figured, if the switch didn't work, I'd still have a hardcore system that would make Windows fly.

Now, there IS a problem with this. You are only supposed to install OSX on "Mac" hardware. So, I cannot recommend this solution.


Its a nice OS. It's a REALLY nice OS. Remember, I've only really had experience with Windows. I'm going to try to post some observations of "switching" in the future, but I just had to share.

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