Wednesday, August 4, 2010

How I use my tech: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow.

Have you noticed recently a change in the way you relate to your tech?

With the advent of super-smartphones (iPhone/Android) and the further increase in power of technology, I've noticed that how I enjoy my technology has been changing. Leo Laporte has chatted about this on his various podcasts, and I've noticed that it has become more pervasive in my life.

Here are some examples:

Three years ago:
  • 90% of what I watched was on Cable.
  • My phone was a pay-as-you go phone with minimal functionality.
  • Most of what I needed to do online involved me pulling out my laptop (including sending email).
  • I couldn't manage my schedule.
  • I kinda liked KGSR.
  • I had to call someone I knew for directions.

  • I don't have cable. I either watch online streaming TV or iTunes shows. I have my most powerful computer hooked up to my TV. I'm still keeping up to date on Dr. Who, Futurama, and NCIS. My PC tells me when I have new show available to consume.
  • My phone is my main entertainment platform: Audiobooks ( app), Audio and Video netcasts (Doggcatcher downloads stuff directly to my phone) , written word (Kindle/Nook apps), and more to come.
  • 90% of what I do online, I do on my phone. I usually dictate emails to my phone for sending. Keeping in touch with friends and family is TRIVIAL now.
  • I don't forget appointments nor important dates. Furthermore, I have an automated todo list to remind me to do tasks I could barely manage to keep track of (chores, exercise, and such).
  • KGSR isn't as Austiny as it used to be, so my favorite radio station (since dropping satellite radio) is a public radio 24/7 Blues station out of Chicago. Of course, my entire music library is IN my car right now.
  • I'm NEVER lost.
  • I learn something new everyday.

Realize also, that I use automated tasks on my PC to do preprocessing: I have it downloading and "speeding up" audio podcasts before sending to my phone, because didn't work well for me. sure I had to write some code to do that, but still. Furthermore, my PC downloads and keeps a local backup of my e-mail in case the cloud fails. I can log into that computer from my phone.
  • I will learn new skills by playing games.
  • I will work with my computer, not only by touching my screen, but similar to Tom Cruise in Minority Report.
  • I will be able to make my gadgets do some of my housekeeping tasks (not just housework).
  • The human race may not have a strong foothold in space yet, but we will be living "La Vida Star Trek".
  • My tech will further inspire and unleash my creativity.

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