Thursday, July 15, 2010


Since I started this new job, I've been walking to work whenever I can. While I enjoy this (even in the Texas Summer) its made it trickier to sculpt the life that I've wanted to live, e.g. the balance of my personal time. I've long struggled on this and have been trying to figure out how to cram every thing I wanted to do into the free time I have. This includes my New Year's resolution of remaking myself.

I took a step this past couple weeks toward this goal, and signed up for Using Leo Laporte's promo code, I signed up for two free books and got the second Honor Harrington book and the newest Dresden Files book. Since I have a Motorola Droid with the Audible application, it means I can easily have the "books" with me at all times. While I walk to and from work and do housework, I listen to my books. The added bonus is that when I'm tired I can read; I've always had a problem focusing on text when I'm tired. So far it is working out rather well.

My goal is to work through the library of "must reads" that I've never been able to get to for whatever reason.

By the way, the newest Dresden Files book is a constant "OMG!" experience. If you "read" the Audiobook, James Marsters (yes, Spike on Buffy) does a fantastic job!

In short:

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