Sunday, September 11, 2011

Star Wars - Jedi and Mandalorian - Episode 8 - Honey Badger don't care!

Yes, a week late, but here is another poorly edited post of the last session!

Kailess and Slyk work on how to mount the weapons on the Stellar Wave.

They party returns to the world of Nar Kaga in Huttspace so they can mount weapons and plan their next move and let Vyri know what has transpired. Kailess and Trysha return to Vyri.Vyri pays them and lets them know that a posting will be on the Holonet job postings for "as fate would have it." to indicate that he is looking for them. Vyri pays them 600 credits per person.

Kailess and Ossa look for an arms dealer to find a new gun. They head to a small store run by an alien named Jando Knippa. They buy many weapons

Trysha looks through the shops an uncovers a lightsaber crystal that stirs the force. She gets a flash when she touches it and purchases it. She pays 5k for it.

Slyk upgrades his ship.

Kailess indicates that he wants to follow up on Malachor.

On the way back, Trysha meets up with Kailes and Ossa just in time to hear, "Hey! There they are" as a gang of 15 attack led by a Hutt.

The party makes short work of the group. They demand to know why they attacked. The Hutt says it was because they were responsible for cutting into their business.

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