Sunday, September 18, 2011

Star Wars - Jedi and Mandalorian - Episode 9 - It only matters if nobody's looking (or: Stealth Contained)

The party proceeds to Malachor. Kailess upgrades the scope on his rifle while Trysha meditates on the crystal.

Trysha figures that the crystal would fit in a lightsaber, just not hers. She decides she will eventually construct a second one.

Upon entering the Malachor system Kailess scans and notices that a ship is already in orbit around Malachor V. He determines it is a Republic Cruiser. The Stellar Wave assumes a parking orbit around the moon in such a location the cruiser cannot see them.

They  note that the Cruiser is in geosynchronos orbit. Kailess checks and verifies that the datapad package has arrived. They plot a course to avoid the cruiser and land. Avoiding contact, they land 3 miles from the location. They proceed there and Kailess determines that the Cruiser is over the location of the datapad.

They approach the mesa and about a mile and a half they note that there are spires on top of the mesa. The spires appear to be naturally occurring, but have been enhanced by construction.

They attempt to approach stealthily (Slyk rolled a 2) - but thankfully the party wasn't seen.

Kailess hacks into the building and the party enters (completely missing all notice checks). The party encounters a series of stairs and starts down then. About half way down, they notice lights coming up from the bottom. Trysha senses darkness and deflects an attack through the Force against her.

A group of troops come from below while a Sith Lord (GM Note: Darth Namhaid) comes from the top. Trysha leaps up to defeat the Sith while Kailess fires on the the troops from below. They quickly deal with the threats against them.

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