Friday, December 16, 2011

A SWTOR chat.

A chat that occurred yesterday via IM about SWTOR.

Rachael: Dammit! They have a server called "Kaiburr Crystal – PvE", why couldn't we get on THAT one?

Malachite: does it REALLY matter?
Malachite: The significance is lost on me.
Rachael: oh, you don't know the Kaiburr Crystal. It was introduced in the horrid novel "Splinter of the Minds Eye", but the Expanded Universe really helped

Rachael: The only semi-redeeming quality of Splinter of the Minds Eye, is if it WAS considered Canon, then Luke and Leia kissing in Empire was a MINOR 'eww'. There is a STRONGLY implied "love-scene".
Malachite:  o_O?
Rachael: Remember the book came out before Empire, and was based on Lucas' notes if Star Wars was a flop. Luke kills Vader after nailing Leia.
Malachite: but, but, but all nine episodes were all completed and written out back before he filmed Star Wars
Rachael: you keep telling yourself that
Malachite: the final 3 episodes are going to begin filming any time now! I just know it to be true. Search your feelings!


Ernie Evans said...

Blaa why are you not on Hyperspace Cannon so I can punch your face in Pvp... and is Malachite, Malis???
man I miss the old Coh crew
aka Ernie

Russell Sinclair said...

Actually, Malachite is a local friend of mine. Many of us are in the SWTOR guild along with a number of players from the Fear the Boot's listener community.

You are welcome to join.