Sunday, September 7, 2014

Rise of the Runelords - Xen'drik - Episode 3 - Journal of SOS

The Journal of the Warforged known as "SOS":

Day 4: Afternoon -

Notes on Events. Location: Sand Point
Interrogation/Conversation with primary searcher/reptile expert for Sandpoint: Female(? Has chest bumps) Human Ranger.

Discussion Points: No nearby regions known to harbor the recent attackers. Vegetation removal by fire is not considered a viable search option. Sleestack tribes tend to utilize might-makes-right leadership decisions and have limited cooperation without outside direction. Primary expertise is on 'Dark Elves',not Sleestack.

Decisions Made: Ranger will investigate likely sites in order of proximity and likelihood of harboring groups larger than 50. Pink leader is likely humanoid of significant stature or power. After searching for max 3 days, will reconnect with communications here in town.

Day 4: Evening -

Location: Inn / Feathered Serpent

Biological refueling was boring. Used time to investigate knowledge from local magic expert on
necromancy. Acquired useful first-person journal written by young woman who charmed a 'Sparkle'
vampire in the past. (First data on these vampires, but obvious in full daylight due to shimmer of sparkling dust in near vicinity. Must keep watch for unusual dandruff on all haired beings.) Sadly, no information on actual arcane empowerment or resuscitation data for this field of magic was found.

Location : Non-Defunct Temple (Hasn't sunk or burned yet!)
Companions found reason to re-examine past relationships of deceased. Surviving acquaintance
(Designate: High Priest Zandros) gave additional data on history in addition to re-appearance of
female(?) human ranger. Past history indicates activity as troubleshooter and auxiliary guardian against threats in region and acquisition of significant prestige and ability from the dead figure. Apparently nobody else is interested in trying to repair him for continued function in this regard. Some taboo of some sort seems to be involved.

Day 5: Morning -

Location: Inn

Feathers acquired new data source from local informant. Letter indicating possible traitor to town is male half-elf sibling to missing female located in missing female's room. Acquired task to search local glass manufactory for clues.

Location : Glassworks

Successfully located possible invasion point for Sleestack minions.

Sub-Leader: Suto (half elf) located and subdued after difficult fight. This unit was knocked out during battle, but later review of facts established expert in unarmed and deception skills using combat maneuvers. Uncommunicative, but had journal in foreign language with useful clues. (Note: Acquire expertise in this language soon. Appears to be quite common)

Sleestack Minions: No high-caliber opponents encountered

Resources Gained: Funding (platinum, gold/silver dust) , ornamentation, potion(??), MW procurement tools, and magic ring(+1 Prot) acquired. Split of loot left ring in this unit's possession.
Information Gained: Insane female human of mixed human/demonic ancestry took body and utilized it in ritual to remove undesirable human influences. Should be considered highly dangerous, but also likely to possess useful information on arcane topics. Sleestack numbers should be considered at least 1 order magnitude greater than previous enocunters would suggest. (100-500?) Coordinated plan of attack using bridges and underground smuggling route found in Suto journal. No time frame given, but local
constabulary will be making expedited trip to Storm Reach to pull in additional fighters and repair staff.

New Goals: Shut down invasion route 1 (Glasswork's tunnels). Prepare for invasion on Routes 2 and 3 (Bridges across river)

With luck, this synopsis will be useful to local combat planners if we fail to return from the Glasswork tunnels. Leaving this with innkeeper with instructions to share with returning fighters if we fail.

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