Monday, October 31, 2016

Shattered Star - Shards of Sin - Episode 2

(Sorry, no notes from first session where we fought some imps that came out of a Paradox Box in the City of Sharn)

Standard Disclaimer: These were written during the session and without any real spelling/grammar check. Sentence fragments, poor verb tense, and shifting POV are the rule and not the exception. Further, if I didn't hear it, it didn't get written down.

Bob - GM

Will  - Human Hunter - Eric
Jazeem - Suli Monk - Jim
Mórrígan - Teifling Arcanist - Russell

Shiela Heidemarch and Koriah Azmeren ask the party to go and look for Natalia Venkaskerskin. She is supposed to be an informant and recover an artifact for Sheila but has recently gone quiet. We have to find her and a demonic artifact. She had employed a Kobold named the amazing Zagratheen who works as a fortune teller down in the waterfront district of Greyflood.

Shiela gives us some information about Sharn. She says that Natalia could have been captured by cultists or working with a gang. Morrigan indicates that there are Cultists in the under city who worship demon princes that may have captured Natalia. Shiela offers the party 500 GP/person to recover the artifact and another 500 if they can return Natalia alive.

The party leaves and walks down to Greyflood to find Zagratheen.

We find the tent in the docks and enter. There is a Kobold (who has a terrible cough and discoloration). We immediately realize he is a "pesch" addict. Jazeem offers a garnet to pay him for information about Natalia. He says that she hasn't been heard from by Sharn's gangs. However, many people have been "vanishing" around the dock district. He suspects that she may be one of them. Zagratheen says that Natalia was a member of the Tower Girls and they may know something. However, she is not in good standing with them. Apparently, Natalia was being "erratic" before disappearance. She started being reckless (mouthing off - and even trying to "bite" members).

Other gangs are looking for her also, possibly for scoring points with the Tower Girls.

The party goes to the City Watch for more information "The Arbensore". We finally get to talk to "Kassidy" on the watch. She is obviously tired and has been very busy. They are aware of Natalia and that she runs with Tower Girls. However, Natalia has vanished.  She doesn't have information as to where the Tower Girls are currently based. However, she does know that they are at odds with the WreckWash boys and that they'd moved to a Warehouse owned by Fenster The Blight. He might know something.

Morrigan asks about the disappearances. Kassidy doesn't answer. Will indicates that we are "Freelance mercs" and would be willing to help.  She points out that the majority of those who vanished have been found. She also points out that the watch doesn't know much about what would have happened to Natalia.

We stay the night at a flophouse.

We arrive at the Warehouse which has a sign "Leev a gift and wate owtside".  Morrigan leaves a garnet.

A very emaciated man walks out and looks at the offering. He is pleased. He claims to know where Natalia is but demands more. We give him a whetstone and convince him it's valuable. Natalia is avoiding the tower girls. He also gives the location of a warehouse that she is hanging around at. He says he doesn't know where the Tower Girls are currently based. He says that "blue dwarvies" are making people disappear.  They capture people and lead them off. Will thinks those are "Derro".

We head to the other warehouse. It's a mildewed run down building. Will convinces Jazeem that "werehouses" were used to hold were creatures.

We try to enter the building when 2 people step out and talk to Jazeem and Morrigan. They threaten to beat the heroes up if they don't leave.  A fight ensues. Morrigan calls out to Will who then rushes into the battle. The party quickly defeats them.

We look in the building. The building's floor has rotted and there is a stinking pool in the room being fed by leaking sewer pipes. There is a door in the room along with a ladder that leads up. Jazeem starts climbing the ladder but realises that it will probably break apart. Jazeem crosses the wooden plank to the door.

At that moment, the party is attacked by 4 small creatures coming out of the sewer pipes. The party manages to defeat the horrible creatures.

Jazeem climbed up and opened the door to find another room with a pool of muck in it as well.

Will crosses and another of the small creatures appear in the other room and fires a crossbow. The bolt takes Will down immediately. Morrigan attempts to cross to assist but falls into the (first) pool. Jazeem engages.

Jazeem manages to defeat it.

They decide to take Will for help as neither can revive him. They go back to Sgt. Kassidy. She leads them to a barracks. She pours a potion down his throat and he is healed.

They return to the warehouse and explore. They find more rooms with muck. They are again attacked. During the battle a woman appears who uses a magic item to conjure a wall of flame. She yells for us to surrender and worship her.

Jazeem walks through the wall of fire towards Natalya. He is unaffected. The battle continues.

During the battle, Morrigan falls unconscious. Jazeem defeats her.

Aquila (Wil's wolf) starts barking madly. Jazeem sees a serpent crawl into the pipe with the item.

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