Monday, November 28, 2016

Shattered Star - Shards of Sin - Episode 4 - Stupid NCSoft (I'm still bitter)

They enter the area and end at a ledge and see a platform held by 4 thick ropes. There is another arch that looks over the water. There are ropes that attach to the ceiling that let you swing to the platform. Jazeem swings over the platform and sees a hatch in the ceiling above him. He opens the hatch and a ladder slides down. He throws the rope back and climbs the ladder. At the top is a crawlway that leads to another hatch. He opens it and drops down to another hallway.

Morrigan also swings over and follows Jazeem. Wil manages to get across with Akeela and follows. The walls bear murals with strangely dressed priests. The party believes they are burial niches. They continue to an oblong room that appears to be empty. The passage continues to the right. They continue.

They hear a loud clanging and Wil notices he has tripped an alarm. He grabs the bell and rings it yelling, "I'M COMING FOR YOU!" Morrigan gives Wil an odd look at this point. In the next room there are two tower girls. The fight commences.

The party makes short work of the Tower Girls in the room, although one flees. On the wall is a stone demon face dribbling water. It radiates a magical aura which Morrigan identifies as a replenishing fountain.

The continue down the hallway, encounter a fork they go right. The find a few items along with an urn full of coins and a crate with a bronze statue in it. They collect the items. They backtrack.

The other path has stairs leading down. They continue. AND ARE ATTACKED! Three Tower Girls are in front of them with 2 donkey-rats (snicker). Wil is entangled in a tanglefoot bag. They eventually manage to defeat them.

However, they are attacked again with a similar group + 1 Wererat. They manage to defeat the Tower girls. They continue. In the next room, they see a statue. Morrigan thinks it's familiar but can't place it. They also find a Harrow Deck. They continue.

The continue on eventually finding another statue of the woman which Morrigan recognizes as Alaznist one of the Lords of Dust.

They continue looking. Morrigan tries to locate again using the shard. Although the signal is weak, they think they are going the right way.

They finally enter a large room with 2 large doors made out of some kind of metal with a motif of "eyes". There is a puzzle on the door that they quickly solve.

Before going through they look in the other doors. They are attacked by another were rat. The battle is joined by 2 donkey rats. They manage to defeat them. They recover a cache of loot. They look around and find a skeleton with armor and a rapier. It has a pendant on it that gives a +5 competence bonus to appraise checks, grows warm near illusion magic, and allows one identify a day which Morrigan takes.

Fantastic example of a giant amoeba (stupid f'ing NCSoft)
They go through the double doors and there is a passage heading off. They go through the passage. In one of the rooms is a pond of green scum. Jazeem investigates and a creature in the liquid attacks him.

Two weird amorphous creatures come out of the water with Jazeem and the battle commences. They quickly defeat the creatures and continue.

They get to another room. The room is littered with dessicated fish carcasses and bodies. There is webbing and there is a pool of water. The group is again attacked - this time by 2 giant spiders.

They quickly defeat the spiders and continue. Morrigan finds an id clasp on one of the carcasses. It is the body of "Veddy Paymer" who used to live in the Greywash district. The party backtracks.

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