Monday, December 26, 2016

Shattered Star - Shards of Sin - Episode 5 - They had it comin.....

The party wanders down the non-aggressive stairs. They enter a large room with empty burial niches. Suddenly, they are attacked by giant ants. The party barely defeats them.

At this point, the party becomes fatigued and needs to find a place to rest. The night goes by without incident.

The next day the party continues on and passes through the room where the burial niches are. They dig in through the ant mounds and find a secret door. They enter a small room full of webs. They are greeted by a giant Black Widow spider which they defeat VERY quickly. There are two secret doors, but they bypass them for now.

The party continues on.

They hear a high pitched voice that beckons them forward. They meet a small creature that talks to them. It's blue with a large nose and big eyes. Wil identifies it as a mite. It is wearing a crown. It tells them that he has a quest for which he will give a diamond. He calls himself King Tsuga. They are to return his "Sleeping crown" to him from "Clicky-legs". The party assents and wanders back down the hall.

They return to the room where they fought the ants and continue the original passage. Eventually, they enter a room full of mites and spiders. They very quickly start taking out the mites, and the remaining mites flee.

The party continues and finds a cell lockup. Will starts to investigate when they are attacked by more spiders and mites. They quickly defeat them.

The party resumes looking and investigating. They eventually find an ancient torture chamber. Will continues looking into the disused cells. One of the cells contains a sinspawn. It is unable to break through. Morrigan kills it through the door with repeated acid splash.

The party encounters an iron door which they open and look inside. There is another room but with a passage extending to the left. The party follows that passage. They pass through a guard barracks, but it has long collapsed into ruin.

They eventually find themselves in a damp natural grotto. Will figures that with number of stairs they have gone down that they are well underground at this point. They find another statue of the woman with the ransur, Zelasnist.

They locate a secret door. They open it and suddenly Morrigan is sent flying through the air straight up. Above is a Cavefisher that is pulling her up. They manage to kill it. They find the satchel on it's leg that King Tsuga wanted. Inside is a bracer which they realise is King Tsugas "Night Crown". They return to Tsuga.

They suprise him and he sets his guards on them. They handily defeat the mites. They look through the room and find a small silver statue of Nyarlathotep.

Morrigan focuses on the shard and senses they are going the right way. They return to the grotto area. They find themselves being attacked by brown and yellow skeletons.  They quickly deal with the skeletons.

They continue exploring. They come across a room that looks like an ancient disused kitchen area. Inside one of the oven areas is a swarm of centipedes. They barely manage to deal with them.

As they finish a mite, sneezes and enters the room. It screams and runs away. They return to the Paradox room and rest.

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