Monday, May 15, 2017

Shattered Star - Curse of the Lady's Light - Episode 4 - The GM wanted us to get a head!

Party continues. They find a sarcophagus with a woman inside it who appears to be magically preserved. Morrigan concludes that this a clone (the spell) of Sorcian. Tryptic swings his hammer at the sarcophagus, but the moment it tcouhes the glass, he sees himself surrounded by inquisitors - which fades. The glass DOES shatter however. Wil takes the jewelry she is wearing and Tryptic destroy the clone.

The party continues down one of the passages. They encounter wall with some obscene carvings (WOO!). Morrigan concludes that the panels depict Sorcian infusing items with incubi/succubi to power artifacts. Jazeem notes that it's a door with a puzzle.  They study the panel trying to figure it out. After trial and error, runes appear "Ayendamala is bound to the light for all ages." and the door opens. The corridor leads to an underground beach with 2 skiffs. Wil gets on one of the skiffs and it starts moving down river. The rest of the group follows.

The river flows to a beach with a marble passage. There is a platform with a glass statue. The party makes it way to the shore, and follows the passage on foot. They come up to a room with walls with lots of obscene images. They continue and reach a lowered portcullis. They hear footsteps.

Stepping into a view is a pale man with bone white hair in a long braid. He demands the passphrase. The party can't provide one, and he says, "Well, I must stop you". The party gets through the portcullus. Morrigan is struck by an invisible assailant.  He appears holding a magical rapier. Battle ensues. During the battle, Morrigan manages to dispel a compulsion on him. He surrenders. Naius was under a magical influence of Sorcian. He tells the story of how he and his employer came here. He gives them a wand that he says will allow detection of secret doors.

They continue on. As they look, they are attacked by a pillar. The heads crawl off the the statues and attack them with laser eye beams (look I'm not making this up). They eventually defeat the Marble Sentinels. Morrigan concludes that Sorcian is likely aware of their presence.

They continue. Trypic falls into a pit-trap. The party flies over the pittrap and continues.

They enter a room with fresh blood spatters everywhere. The party is attacked by a flying critter.

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