Monday, May 15, 2017

Shattered Star - Curse of the Lady's Light - Episode 5 - I hate the water! And I hate being wet! And I hate YOU!

The party bunks for the night and continues on the next day.  They find a room of marble with large brazier with grey flames. Conjuration magic! As they look a red orb with a huge green eye. A bunch of beholder kin things attack! After an annoying battle, they take the things down.

They continue on. Wil locates a secret door. They enter and go down stairs. They come to a painting of Sorchian saying "Prostate thyself and show proper devotion my sweet slave to enter". The party kisses the paintings feet and are teleported to a platform near an underground lake near a dock with boats.

They take the boats and note a platform on the other side of the lake with an immense red panel. The party goes there and see a carving of numerous beasts worshipping sorchian. They open and follow a corridor and end up in a room with 6 large chests.  (Yes, there was more, but I could only type so fast). In the room, there is a large humanoid thing sitting on a thrown. It is being flanked by two other strange creatures. It claims to be Sorchian, and attacks, but is quickly defeated.

They go back and sail further down the lake.

As they proceed the boat starts shaking. The boat carrying Triptyc, Morrigan, and Jazeem capsizes.

They manage to kill the critters and get back in the boat.

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