Monday, June 12, 2017

Shattered Star - Curse of the Lady's Light - Episode 7 - I Just Met a Girl Named Covfefe

We are in a bathing chamber. We look into the next room which is a large marble/gold-plated hallway. There are statues of Sorchian. The statues are magic. The statue has it's hand out and a carving saying "By My touch, enter my inner sanctum".

The party detects strong conjuration magic and attempts to trigger the the device. The party triggers the transporter and Morrigan appears in a room strongly smelling of perfume. Several perfume bottles on pink pedestals. Morrigan sees a dark corridor. She peeks around the corner.

Jazeem and Trypic manage to transport themselves leaving Wil behind.

Jazeem appears behind Morrigan.

Tryptic appears in another room. Surrounded by SINSPAWN!

Jazeem and Morrigan go down the hallway looking.

Tryptic is being attacked, he runs away.

Jazeem and Morrigan find their way back to the room where Wil is before he can trigger the transporter. Jazeem stands on the panel and Morrigan jumps into his arms.

They arrive in the room and hear sounds of battle. They follow. They manage to catchup and defeat them.

They return to the carpeted room. They continue. Eventually, they come upon a party being attended by demonic beings. Morrigan puts her hood down and walks in and demands wine. After interacting with them demons she concludes it's an illusion.

However, the party is attacked by giant spiders. A few moments into the fight, they realize that they are fighting monsters which are being summoned. Morrigan looks up and sees an invisible red-skinned demon caster. The party manages to defeat her.

Party continues exploring and encounters a group of Grey Maidens at the base of a tower. Battle ensues. Grey Maidens are defeated. The party starts walking up stairs up the tower. They find statues of the Lords of Dust; embrace sorchian and karzoug; and teleport away.

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