Monday, June 19, 2017

Shattered Star - Curse of the Lady's Light - Episode 8 - The pirate, snake, undead adventure path

Jazeem appears in a room with polished walls. Tryptic appears in a room with polished walls. He tries to escape. Morrigan appears in the same type of room. The separate rooms link to a large adjoining room. A grey maiden comes out and attacks. They subdue her and then talk to her. She tells them they are stranded in this room unless they trigger a portal to Sorcian.

She tells the story of how Sorcian ensorelled her allies. She herself had been before breaking free. Her name is Oreana. They decide to face her.

They trigger the portal and follow the portal to Sorcian's room. A battle ensues between the party, Sorcian, and three sinspawn. Long battle.....

The illusion on Sorcian drops and reveals that she is actually an Alu demon. 

They find 2 amber coins which they conclude can be used to activate another portal. They activate the portal and appear elsewhere. 

They appear in another room which is dark and dirty. The room has the shard. Tryptic picks it up.

The party exits the Lady's light.

They talk to the Troglodytes about selling herbs to set up spice trade.

They party heads back down the trail and find the guy behind the portcullus. He indicates that he has summoned a boat. They take a Brelish galleon. 

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