Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Sealing painted miniatures

Now that I've decided on colours with which to shade on my figs, I'm finally starting to finish my Stormtrooper Space Marines. However, I've been dismayed that even with 2-3 layers of matte varnish, I could not get a seal that would not scratch. You know how it is, sometimes you are playing, and you drop a fig, or one tips over and slides and whammo - paint needs a touch up. If you prefer pewter, as I do, the problem is even worse. Well, I decided to try something a little stronger so I don't need to keep touching up figs. Perhaps I'm unusually hard on my figs, but still....

Now, I'm sure that we all know about the "Minwax dip" method of shading painting. While similar, this is not what we are doing.

It occurred to me that there is polyurethane sealant that does NOT have any type of shading, but is almost completely transparent. As an experiment, I picked up a small can of Minwax Polyurethane Clear Gloss varnish. This is the finish you put on that should not change the colour of what you are finishing.

I dipped one of my troopers into the goo, shook off the excess and left it for 3 hours. Then I added two coats of GW Matte Varnish.

What I end up with is a very SOLID finish. The matte sealant kills any glossiness and I have a very tough finish. Furthermore, the shading that I painted is still visible and looks just as good.

Now, be warned, I've found a minor issue with it. There is the slightest of yellow tints to this. For non-white colours, you likely will not notice this, but I recommend a "sacrifice" to be sure that the army isn't going to be ruined.

Just thought I'd share.

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