Wednesday, November 14, 2007


If you are reading this then you either know nothing about Warhammer 40,000 OR you know far more than I do. I use the blog as a sounding board for myself and my learning of various gaming things (as you can see in my early posts about the Statesman Task Force in City of Heroes - I was ahead of the curve there, in 40k I'm still behind the curve). I'm going to talk a bit about 40k in such a way that is probably only appealing to me. Its my blog, deal with it.

Anyway, I've started studying Codex: Eldar so that I have a better idea what to expect when I face them in Warhammer 40k. My initial observations indicate that they will give me fits in combat.

I play my Space Marines with the Blood Angels Codex. It lets me use a lot of assault marines and lets me get up close - I've found that I like being in close combat in most games I play. Most Eldar seem to have the same or higher initiative than I do on average. Furthermore, their "Weapon Skill (close combat attack to hit) are the same or higher than mine. Their strength is lower though, so they will be more likely to hit, but less likely to hurt. Eldar saves seem to be all over the board, but I know there are a lot of invulnerable saves.

Ah, the joys of Space Marines...

For the most part, I try to stick to a static list because its just easier that way. However, if I play in a campaign in the future, I have an idea how I need to focus my forces. While maximizing on shooting would be better, but it doesn't fit "Blood Angels" style of play. Those who know me, I'm much of a "style over substance" type of person. I'm all about making jokes and having fun.

Now the HARD part will be dealing with Eldar tanks. Any quick scan of 40k boards reveal that Eldar tanks to be built to be almost unkillable. So, I need to develop some tactics to deal with this situation with the troops I have.

Next - the Chaos Codex.

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