Monday, April 27, 2009

Rethinking my space

I've talked a bit about a Trophy Fiancee a few times now. In June, I will be "shacking up" with her (don't worry, I'm still in the Austin area). As most people know, I work from home. Obviously, this means I will be rethinking the area I seem to spend about 50% of my life. I think this is probably an excellent time to rework the area since it will be in a new room. Furthermore, it means I need to rethink what is and isn't in my work area.

So, for starters, I turned to my FAVORITE website - This got me thinking of what I could do.

Amongst the tidbits I came up with after looking.

  1. Add a White Board. I think this will help a bit with my organization. I also think that the shiny white "thing" on my wall, will increase the ambient light.
  2. Add some colourful artwork (I bought this). Part of this is that I want to have my webcam out and ready for people to "see" me. Should provide a better background, even if not optimal. I'd also like to be able to SEE this a bit more often.
  3. Increase my workspace. I have a table I'm going to add to my work area. Since I currently use 4 computers (and need to replace 1 CRT with 2 LCDs) the more space I have the better. Currently, my desk fits in a corner, and each "arm" extends 75 inches from the wall. The table I'm going to use has drop leaves, so it can be 39", 29" or 19" (approximately). That should give me a bit of "forgiveness" to get it to fit. It also allows me to have a dedicated painting space with natural light (it will be right next to the window).
  4. Get real filing cabinets. I can get fairly cheap ones at the Salvation Army, so I figure that is the best place to go. I think this would be better than the plastic boxes I am currently sticking stuff in.
  5. Shelves! I'll be loosing the ones I have. While the trophy fiancee isn't ashamed of my possessions like the ex was, I still need some of my stuff in my space. I've not decided how I'll best handle this.
However, there will be a few caveats in this. For example, there will be a futon in the room. While the room is slightly larger than my current area, there isn't a great way to work in the futon. Chances are, it will be below the whiteboard. Still, it will be nice to be able to have a "meeting" in my office if I have to.

Now the REALLY fun bit. When I move, I'll be dropping Time Warner Cable for AT&T Uverse. As part of this, I'm hoping to get the house run with Shielded Cat6 cable (for you non-computer types - that is uber fast cable that is protected against electrical interference). Since the trophy fiancee's telephone gets staticy whenever it rains, I think this is probably a smart move.

As to the mundane, I want to paint it before I move in. I'm thinking either a bluish-grey or red.

This plan will evolve a bit, this post is mainly for me to collect my thoughts (funny how that comes up in this blog).

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Chris said...

For paint you can always go with one of the US or British navy camos.

One of my faves is.

That is Measure 32 on BB-63 USS Missouri. It is a combination of grey, blue and black.