Thursday, April 2, 2009

Time Warner Introducing Bandwidth caps here in Austin

Yes Really.


Clay said...

Just another reason why cable is a thing of the past..Pathetic bandwiths and ridiculous charges result in a poor management of their network. Plus one can get more bandwith over a twisted pair anyways. Hell 1 gb ethernet only uses 2 pairs out of a 4 pair cable..Imagine what would happen if you used all 4?

Chris said...

Yeah but until that twisted pair knocks on the door, your pretty much stuck with what you get from TWC, might look into EarthLink. I don't think they are putting in the band width caps. And since they piggy back on TWC you don't have to get any new equipment.

Clay said...

And it also doesnt help that they are using a 10 year old technology to pump that bandwidth into you. Pipeline is the suck.