Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Saving a little bit of green!

As Chris mentioned previously, environmentalists need to be "showing how when we recycle we can save money". Well, I ran across a few nifty articles that provide real economic incentives to 'green behaviour'. Also, if you are like me and enjoy a bit of "Do-it-yourself" AND want to do your part, these are definitely for you!

So, in honor of "Earth Day"...

Self Watering Garden using recycled A/C water
You don't forget to water, you don't pay for the water, so your water bill is lower. The electrical trade-off is minimal. Heck, here in Texas, that kind of pump could probably have a little bitty solar panel on it and you won't even use that! You may still need to supplement with a hose occasionally, but it's a nice reuse of existing resources. Its nice to SAVE GREEN and have your garden MORE GREEN. Oh, and you are being "green".

Quick and easy uses for plastic bottles
Yep, if you are a gamer like I am, you collect a bunch of plastic soda bottles. Well, other than simply recycling them, look at the above. Now, before you get too jaded on some of the cornier uses, note the one about filling them with water and freezing them. Makes your fridge more efficient and saves water for times that the utilities go out. Yep, less energy to keep your fridge cool = less electricity used = more money in your pocket!

Reduce your trash, and make a handy resource if you (or your significant other) likes to garden. It's FREE. Of course, if you want to spend money on expensive fertilizer and high end potting soil, that is up to you. I'd rather spend money on dice.

Use a Rain Barrel
In Texas, it's nice to have water to keep your lawn green. Sure you are paying for a barrel, but it's less water you are paying for out of your faucets.

Vacuum out your refrigerator coils
Will run more efficiently, using less electricity, saving you money! It will also make your fridge last longer. If you do the same inside your computers, the hardware will last longer, and the thing will run quieter. I want replace stuff on MY schedule, not anyone else's.

These are just a few things. A good rule of thumb is, figure out ways to reduce power usage and water usage so that you don't have to pay it on your utility bills.

If you are really motivated, you can do much more. Heck, you can create solar water heaters for cheap that make water so hot, you can scald yourself.

Now you know, and knowing is half the battle...


Chris said...

I'm just waiting for der Furher Clay to jump in here and start blowing wind about hippies.

Once I move into the house some of these things might happen, some more overtly than others. And some just to piss off Pol Pot, err, I mean Clay.

Just kidding Clay your not that bad.

Clay said...

I am holding thought. I do my best to use up the energy that you are saving by doing all of those things. Cause well...We can't let that energy that is unused go to waste.