Friday, August 7, 2009

More office space

The time that I start assembling my new "man-cave" is approaching. Thankfully, I've discovered some UBER NEAT things that I can work into the design of the office.

The two main things are Rust-O-Leum products.

1. Dry Erase Paint! Remember when I talked previously about getting a couple of huge white boards for my office? To heck with that! I may just make an ENTIRE WALL a white board! I'll never be short of a scratch pad. As the website says...

      Rust-Oleum Dry Erase Paint is a smooth, hard finish that creates a unique white writeable-erasable surface. Once dry, simply use any dry erase markers to draw or write messages and then erase! Application is easy and it has minimal odor making it safe to use indoors. Ideal for use on interior surfaces such as drywall, masonite, wood, cement, metal.
Cool, huh? Now, if I could only put magnets on the walls like on a fridge...OH WAIT! I CAN!

2. Magnetic primer! Yep, I can just paint this stuff on, and then stick a magnet on the wall. Very nice way to keep up a note without using tape! And yes, it's safe for electronics!

      Rust-Oleum Specialty Magnetic latex primer is a dark gray colored base coat that allows you to create a surface that attracts magnets almost anywhere. Can be applied to wood, metal, masonry, drywall, and plaster. Create a fun and unexpected way to hang notes, photos and more.

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Chris said...

Now if I can convince the wife and the evil land to let me apply both to my wall in the front room where we game. :^{P