Wednesday, August 12, 2009

What is a bridge-tap?

A Bridge Tap

Its also something which if you have a 324 ft. long one will turn your U-Verse Broadband to crap...

As of today, I still have one, and I've requested it be removed 3 times (third time was yesterday).

If I still have one on Friday, I may need to drop AT&T U-Verse and go back to Time-Warner.

Are you listening AT&T?

Immediately after posting this, someone came out to deal with the noise on the line. This appears to have improved the connection. However, they will be coming out again either later this week, or early next week to dig a pit to remove the "Bridge Tap".

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Chris said...

Notice how most of your technology woes are caused by a huge multinational corporation that produces lousy product/service?