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Shattered Star - Shards of Sin - Episode 6 - There's job security in murder hoboing

We work our way back to where we left off. In the room we see a large red statue of the woman holding the rascur. The room is caked with the mucusy slime. The party is attacked by a leech like creature. Grubs and leeches and such pour out of it's mouth. They quickly kill the critter. They note the statue's ransur is a magical weapon that is not actually part of the statue. They take the statue

They take the door to the left which leads to a bare stone room where weird tar-ish creatures attack. They quickly kill the creatures and continue on.

The next room they enter contains a large glowing circle of runes with a small bit of fire in the middle. The circle is a magic circle against law. Akela and Wil check out the next room, skirting the circle. The next room is an oddly angled room 20x30, with a curtain made out of chains. The room seems empty. He continues on while Morrigan and Jazeem wait. Two creatures appearing to be made out of clay come out at Wil - and so Jazeem and Morrigan rush to his aid. They smush the critters.

A booming voice calls out, "Excellent, you've done well. Perhaps you will be of more service to little Airubus". It tells the party to go slay "Lord Baz". The party reluctantly agrees and continues back to the room with the statue.

They enter a wide room with two pillars. There are runes all over. "Does true power lie within one or the many?" One statue is of Zalaznast and the pillar of the other runelords. Finding nothing of interest, they continue on.

Eventually they find a room with a door. Wil opens it an finds two more "weird tar" creatures attack. They splatter them and continue.

The next room has carvings of soldiers caked with salt. There is a stairwell leading into the ocean with a magic field. Morrigan concludes there is a magic field that holds back the water, but doesn't stop beings from walking through.  There is also a door. The party enters the door and finds a staircase going up into a domed chamber that shows areas below water (we are underwater). Morrigan notes that there is a shipwreck in the water. Morrigan finds 2 scrolls of water breathing.

Morrigan casts the water breathing. Wil ties a rope (so they can get back). They walk to the ship. The ship is the "Liza Jane". Wil recalls it is a ship that sank a few years back. As they get on the ship they are attacked by Eel Crustacean things.

Most of the ships contents are rotted away. The party finds a rapier, buckler (+1), and a brooch.

The party returns to dry land.

They continue looking. The next room they find a room with dry black sludge. There is a creature that sees us an immediately starts crying in fear. It says it's name is "Stink". It offers to "give the party stuff" for killing Baz.

The party continues. They find another room with a statue of Zalasnist. The rasur it's holding starts sparking and smoking. Morrigan detects magic and room explodes.  They avoid any serious damage and look through.

They see weird art (more detail coming). They continue (not been mapping the maze, so it's been vague where we are going beyond generally doing "left hand rule").

Eventually get to an iron door. They force it open and find a curving passageway. The walls/floor/ceiling are sheathed with iron. Morrigan reads the runes and determines the room is designed to weaken the fields between plains. This is likely to the plane of fire.

While exploring the maze, they realize they are being followed and are promptly attacked by a firey canine thing. Morrigan realizes she shouldn't have taken scorching ray as her 2nd level attack spell. The party drops it and continues through the maze.

Eventually they find a room with an iron floor. There is suit of armor that looks like it was previously worn by someone who has long since "rotted away". Morrigan uses dimensional slide to go through the portcullis and open it using the wench. They identify the armor as masterwork halfplate. And they continue.

(snip - unable to record this - they fought some things)

Party continues. Gets to a wide double doors. There are stairs leading into murky water.

Jazeem swims across but is attacked by 3 creatures (sinspawn?).  The party manages to defeat them and Jazeem continues on. The rest of the party follows.
Ghoulish Lockery Brast

They get to a room with a cistern full of dark water with troughs of water with soggy timbers over them. They hear singing in the passageway off the left. The party slowly proceeds. Suddenly the singing stops and they hear a splash.

In the next room there is a stone bridge in a room full of water. The walls have been painting in a mural depicting Sharn. The party crosses the bridge and hears, "Well, look what has come to visit me. A whole bunch of you too! What are you doing here?"

The party talks with the voice. He says he is/was Capt. Lockery Brast of the Liza Jane. He asks for the broach which they give him. A form comes out of the water. It examines the locket. He has become a ghoul.  In gratitude he provides information.

Ahead is another room full of water - but  don't go in - it will collapse. The way back eventually leads to a magic fountain. Be careful of the green slime growing there. Continue on, there is another watery room with 2 huge cysts. Cave Morays - don't mess with them.

He further asks that we go to his widow and tell her that we found the broach. Don't tell her he is now a ghoulish monster. Ask around in the docks for "Liza Jane Brast".

He also warns of Derro.

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