Monday, January 23, 2017

Shattered Star - Shards of Sin - Episode 7 - Alternative Facts

The party returns to Sharn to get rid of the load of items.

The party gives the brooch to Liza Jane. They also return to the Pathfinder..errr...Pathways society. They provide descriptions of what happened and Morrigan casts illusion. And apparently, mysterious voices from another realm tells us about baseball players (My phone chimed in).

Sheila husband Kevin err... Kenevin is interested in what they saw. Morrigan recreates the images for him. He speculates that one of the images is that of a nascent demon lord, but he cannot recall the name. He notes with interest that the image shows Zelasnist interacting with the demon could be interesting. He gives the party 1000 gp.

The party also drops the ID they got off of the cocooned person eaten by spiders with the city guard before returning to The Crow.....

They return to where they left off and continue down the hallways. The party is attacked. More of the lemuireses attack, but the party quickly kills them.

They enter another room that is a disused storage room. There they find a brass crank with a pearl inlaid handle. They also find a weird brass humanoid with 3 legs and 3 arms. Jazeems finds a set of smith's tools.

The party attempts to pull the shard off of one of the statues but to no avail except 1 negative level.

The party continues to explore.

They eventually find a key which looks like could fit in the automaton. They wind up the automaton and find it responds to commands. It is a clockwork servant. The party names it "Tick".

The party continue to explore.

The next room they enter they hear a voice that demands why they are here. It identifies itself as Lord Baz. It demands to be worshipped. Morrigan casts see invisibility, notes it's an accuser devil, casts sleep on it, ties it up, and crushes it with Wil's mace (Quite possibly the most awesome thing i've ever done in an RPG).

They return with the body of Baz to Suzarain of Airobus.

Suzarain rewards them. Morrigan casts see invisibility and sees the small batwinged creature. Wil asks, "How can we pay homage if we can't see you?" Suzarain reveals itself. Wil says "You are truely magnificent" and swings his mace at it.

A fight ensues. The party deals with Suzarain and the lemures.

They return the bodies of Baz and Suzarain to Stink. Stink gives them a handful of gold and 3 gems.

The party looks for Lockerby Brast. They return to his room. They tell him that the brooch brought her comfort. He goes to aid them with the Derro. He reminds them that there are 3 ways to get to them. He recommends via the balcony but they have to deal with Cave Morays.

He leads them on down a passageway to a room with a crossway over water. There are sewer pipes pouring water into the room. The party enters the room and is attacked by the cave morays. Morrigan crits with Scorching Ray! The rest of the party kills the other one.

The party reaches the balcony overlooking a large room. In the center is a wide spiral staircase going down. The party hears arguing in a gutteral language that causes the party's ears to itch.

The party attacks and manages to defeat the 3 of them.

Lockerby says there is a 4th.

They continue looking - and run across a Carrion Golem and a fight ensues. They manage to defeat it. After defeating it they find, much to our surprise, FENSTER!

They keep exploring. They find some cells with people in them. They free them.

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