Saturday, October 27, 2007

Death Company!

I played a game of Warhammer 40,000 last night when I was up at Ninja Pirate. I played against a friend of mine who also does Space Marines with the Blood Angels Codex. The REALLY cool thing is that his space marines are painted Oregano. Why is this cool? It is the exact same colour as "Army Men".

Anyway, I FINALLY won a game of Warhammer 40k last night, and it was against him. Most of this success I attribute to my "Death Company". I don't have official models for them so I use my Legion of the Damned models. Here is why they are cool.
  1. You get 1 free Death Company model for each squad you have in your army (Max 10 models).
  2. Furious Charge - You get 1 extra attack and a +1 to Strength when you charge.
  3. Attacks are Rending - if you roll a six on your to-hit, it is an autokill.
  4. Led by a Chaplain with "Litanies of Hate" - Reroll misses when you charge.
  5. Led by a Chaplain who makes his squad "Fearless".
  6. Feel No Pain - Except for exceptionally powerful attacks, you can roll a D6 after every save. On a 4 or better, you shrug off the damage.
While this may seem really broken to a non-40k player, it isn't quite as broken as you'd think. Every army has some funky sets of powers that makes them "uber". Eldar have their Falcon, Necrons have their Monolith, Tyranids are insane in close combat, Chaos.....are Chaos, etc.

Anyway, I maxed my Death Company and they pretty much ate EVERYTHING they came in contact with. The fact that they all had jumppacks meant that I could get them where they were most effective quickly.

Oh, one more thing. Ninja Pirate had the Space Marine "Masters of the Chapter" box. I wasn't originally planning to get it, but they had it in stock.



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