Thursday, October 25, 2007

Dungeon and Dragons session - Hellenika Campaign

So we had our D&D game on Thursday. Previous campaign notes can be viewed here. Its abbreviated, but it is enough to catch you up.

  • Galathiel - Half-Orc Druid
  • Kerin - Human Cleric
  • Iridanae - Human Ranger
  • Tesla - Elven Sorcerer (my char)
Last nights sessions went thus. (Note the Doctor Who references :) )

The Castallan came in and asked us if we wanted to go to "Monster Isle" and collect "The Rainbow" - a series of stones that the timelords use regularly. Realizing that this was the only way that the council of the Time Lords would hear us, we agreed.

They still didn't have meat for Woof-woof (our half-orc druid's pet). The odd thing was that we knew that meat was loaded on to the ship that we set sail on to get to "Atlan". Kerin seemed to conclude that the Castallan knew about this meat even though he insisted that meat was not imported.

He gave us a map (nicely colour-coded). We will have 24 hours to collect the various items and then left us to our planning. The Castellan said he would return tomorrow.

Last night, Lendor (the god of time in this world) visited us and gave us various magic items to assist us. He also advised us that we should try to talk to the Giant (after we beat him up).
  • Lightning Lizard - Indigo
  • Twisted Ettin & Raging Dragonette - Blue
  • Rock Giant - Violet
  • Land Shark & Poison Giant - Red
  • Stone lizard & Sea Snakes - Orange
  • Spidermen - Green
  • Trash Leech & Swamp Thing - Yellow
After talking to a servant, we found out that there was an "expert" on Ettins (one of the critters we need to defeat). We asked that servant to relay a message to the expert "Glargofage" that we would like to speak to him.

Glargofage arrived (a short orc who seemed a little dimwitted). However, he seemed to know about the monsters there.
  • Twisted Ettins tend to absorb magic they are hit with. Apparently they've been twisted by magic.
  • Trash Leeches tend to absorb any healing magic in the area. magically altered also.
  • The Raging Dragonettes are small dragons that can go into a "blood frenzy" and can tear one to pieces.
  • Sea Snakes he thinks they are like "Sea Nagas" (we faced those before).
  • Spidermen are also twisted by magic. They are humanoids melded with magic and can fire webbing around. They have poisonous bites and keep huge poisonous spiders as pets.
  • The Swamp Thing is an animated semi-humanoid plant that shambles around swamps.
  • Lightning Lizards are like dragons that breath lightning. They can swallow a person whole.
  • Stone Lizards have a gaze attack that can turn you to stone.
  • Rock Giant is just a normal giant that lives in the mountain.
  • He didn't know about the Poison Giants nor Land Sharks.
He also told us that "monster island" is just a place that the Time Lords leave their "failed experiments". Though he also indicated that specimens were collected for study and were possibly experiments by other groups. The island is about 20 miles "tip to tip".

I asked him about the Temporal Sliders. He seemed surprised that we'd been in the timestream. He seemed amazed that we'd actually fought them. Apparently, the council created them millenia ago - one of their successful experiments.

The session ended early because the GM needed to get early.

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